Striving so hard for world peace that we miss it

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Psalm 46:10. . ."Be still and know that I am God! I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted among the earth!"

I grew up in a Christian family, albeit we weren't very active in the church. We did watch a lot of religious programming on TV and I was taught the basics from the Bible about God, prayer, the Ten Commandments, etc. The biggest thing I was taught was that Jesus was coming back to set up His Kingdom on earth in the Second Coming; later to be known as the millennial reign when I got older and started going to church on my own. 

During my 20's and 30's while I was attending church, I explored other denominations and even read a little on the New Age movement. Jews were waiting for the Messiah; Islam was waiting for the Mahdi.  The only religions that weren't waiting for some Messianic figjure was those that were linked to Hinduism, including Buddhism. They seem more to describe finding the god within, otherwise known as Pantheism. This is the source of much of the New Age movement. 

As I got into my 40's and gleaned a little more information from various New Agers, I heard them describe Atlantis. This is a fictional Utopia mentioned in the works of Plato. It is also the basis for John Milton's Paradise Lost.  This the Utopia that intellectuals (who are mostly socialists) are striving for.

All of these groups are striving for that perfect Utopia and world peace. It is a peace that already exists in the world. Most of the conflict in the world is governments stirring up conflict so they can have an excuse to start another war to generate revenue and profits. 

On one hand we think that world peace and the Kingdom of God will never be established on earth because human nature simply will not allow it. We would somehow have to achieve perfection in order to establish this Kingdom. This leads to numerous self-improvement methods which stir up conflict within ourselves. We can never be at peace because we are constantly trying to "ascend." 

The good news is the in the tree of life, we are already perfect just the way our Creator created us. Once we eat of the tree of knowledge, we see everything that is wrong with us and we will spend millions trying to fix ourselves. We water down the truth of divine revelation and create idols so as to have a god that suits our lifestyles. Everything that is wrong with capitalism may stem from man trying to become a god and fill his own voids that only a relationship with his Creator can fulfill. 

When we cease striving and come to know the God of the Bible as the King of kings and Lord of lords, everything that we long for in the future suddenly becomes manifest in the Present. Looking for a future Kingdom is still looking for all of these things outside of ourselves. 

The Bible says to live by faith and not by sight. While we look for what we can see, the things we long to see can only be discerned through our connection to spiritual realm. 

Business cycle v. flaws?

I was listening to a podcast on NPR recently and heard a show that was defending socialism. I know that my conservative friends will probably disown me for being so open-minded. I would probably be classified as center-right. You know, that perfect position where you literally piss off and annoy both sides of the political debate. Anyway, the hosts of the show were interviewing one of the rare economists that actually endorsed socialism. A liberal economist probably isn’t that rare considering all the liberal schools that there are. Although most economists are pretty conservative. There was a quote by Freiderick Hayek that said, “if socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be socialists.”

The show went on to describe the natural cycle of booms and busts that occur within the capitalist system as being an actual flaw. The socialist’s solution to this flaw was to artificially inject money into the economy to stabilize it during recessions. The few people who have common sense and a head for business will see the immediate flaw with this theory. Then again the difference between common sense and booksmarts is real.

Notice the natural booms and busts occur every seven years or so. This is not by accident as the number seven is a divine number. I would venture to say that the natural business cycle was God’s way of keeping the economy in balance. The divine force is likely the invisible hand of economics that was described by Adam Smith that guided the economy. The free market if left alone can meet the needs of every member of society. The socialists want to create an economy that works for everyone and if they actually understood economics they would realize they already had it.

Maybe since most liberal socialists are secular, they lean more towards big government because they lost faith in their Creator and the free market?

Those who endorse central banking will tell you that during the 19th century, when the United States had a freer market, there were more booms and busts. Maybe that was a good thing since an educated person who knew how to time the market would come out ahead than those that aren’t as educated. The busts would also lead more people to rely on their communities more until the economy got going again.

Those that endorse central banking its offspring, the Internal Revenue Service, may have lost faith in their Creator and natural community and turned to government to bail them out of fiscal jams.

An interesting fun fact to close out on is the real reason that the Titanic sunk. It was widely known back then that there were a few men on board the ship who opposed the creation of the federal reserve. You can do your own research to verify this. Sometimes just understanding history and how the world works is all the confirmation that you need to know something is likely true.

One final thought, the natural booms and busts are not a flaw within capitalism. It is the natural business cycle that occurs. Life is naturally up and down. Someone once said that the only thing that travels in a straight line is a dead man.

How to defeat the New World Order: Build God’s New World Order

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I am sure people are tired of hearing about the New World Order by now. It was a conspiracy theory until 2020 when it became a reality with the Coronavirus pandemic. I almost accidentally said plandemic there. What exactly is the New World Order that we have heard so much about for decades?

The Plan

I read or heard something on the website of the London School of Economics about the government’s plan for a welfare state. The plan included a moneyless society in which people would work for welfare benefits instead of for money. Whenever you were promoted in the workplace, you would just move up to a higher level of welfare benefits. Sounds great when you understand that money is debt and economic growth usually means more debt. Until you realize that it gives too much power to the government. In history that has never ended well.

Another future goal was that corporations would generate all the wealth that society needed through an automated workforce. The government would distribute the gains to the public via a Universal Basic Income. Again, it sounds great on paper, until you see through it and see what it leads to.

We already have a basic income now; it is called Social Security. The reason it is the most successful government program is because it works for who it is designed to work for, senior citizens who put in their 40-50 years in the workforce. Now everyone wants to get in on it because no one wants to work anymore. Talk about a moral decline. Why work when the government promises to take care of you. Ask a Native American Indian how prosperity works when the government promises to take care of you.

Anyone can get a base income these days through Social Security Disability. There is a list of illnesses that qualify for the monthly payments. Fortunately, the government is conservative, or neoliberal, enough that they make it hard for people to access these; we think we pay a lot of taxes now. Talk about the new American Dream in the USSA; everyone gets a check from the government and section 8 housing where they only have to pay 1/3 of it towards rent. And over time, fewer and fewer people work for the benefit of the many who are living off the government. Anybody with a moral foundation can see the problem here.

Sounds good to the uneducated masses who don’t understand how the world works. Sounds like a dystopian nightmare to those who do. So how do we escape this nightmare before it becomes reality, or gets worse?

The Solution

I have seen a lot of new businesses opening up everywhere I visit in recent decades. Most people are so focuses on the public sector with government and corporations that they don’t even notice. They say the Coronavirus pandemic shut a lot of businesses down in the last couple years, but I still see a lot of businesses that either stayed open or even opening. Many of them are using technology to supplement their income; i.e., food delivery apps instead of having to come into the store.

The future of jobs may be bleak after being dependent on Corporate America to create jobs the last few decades. The jobs of the future will be created by the citizens through entrepreneurship. You may have to create your own job. This is empowering, which is another reason people fear the future.

The Problem

I actually understand the phrase “capitalism is saving the world” now. If it hadn’t been for the love of money, we would still be on lockdown in much of the western world. Liberals, anti-capitalists, and socialists think we are just heartless and greedy because they are focused on the virus and don’t follow what is going on behind the scenes.

I noticed from talking to various small business owners, and reading, that you have to have anywhere from a quarter to half a million dollars upfront to launch even the smallest of businesses. This is because Corporate America and the government are rigging the economy against small business because it takes away from their power. The whole Coronavirus pandemic boils down to a war on small business, which is the backbone of America and any country.

Since people are leaving Corporate America in droves and becoming independent, the former is spending less on jobs and investing more in real estate; i.e.; buying up land and building luxury apartments and houses. This is nothing more than an attempt to keep us enslaved to their system making things cost me. Maybe they hope we will go out of business and return to the Corporate world,or live off whatever benefit the government has for us.

The solution is just to go with God and trust the Divine plan. Pray for smaller businesses to grow and flourish. This is a much bigger plan than just making money. Money is nothing than a made-up tool used to value assets and liabilities

Some bullshit financial advice

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I once drove down the highway and saw a billboard that advertised, “I can help you retire in less than ten minutes.” I bet he got a lot of calls from pretentious Americans with short term memory. Kind of funny when you think about it. No joke. All that being said, I do like reading the advice on financial websites and social media posts. That is until lately when I realized how exhausting it was. I won’t deny that the advice is practical and realistic, however it doesn’t seem to work in the real world.

Here are some examples of the bullshit advice:

  1. The biggest one is that you should only pay one quarter of your income on rent, or one week’s paycheck. In the real world, most people pay nearly half of their income or more on rent and utilities. The base requirements are 2.5-3 times the rent for income. You can say just live below your means, but many people can’t lower their standards any more than they are already.
  2. The next best advice that works for most people is to have an emergency fund equal to 3-6 months of expenses. Alas, more advice that doesn’t work for the average person. Again, with the ‘you can only lower your living standards so far to live within your means.’

Solutions for the bullshit advice:

  1. Find the cheapest place you can stand to live. And then economize and look for deals on everything else you want or need. Fortunately, the high cost of living is only in few areas: housing, healthcare, transportation, education; you know all the fields that the government has their hands in. If you can minimize costs in these areas, you can maximize your potential no matter your income. Maybe look for co-living or cohousing opportunities if you are into communal living. I am okay with this as long as I get my own space and individual autonomy.
  2. Save as much as you can but have a credit card with a low limit and keep it paid off for those “oh shit” moments. Most financial advisors say cut the plastic, but they do come in handy if you use them right. If you ever get a six figure or unlimited credit limit, you can invest in business opportunities to supplement your income. Even small loans are okay as long as they aren’t too predatory. Keep it small and dont take more than you need. 730% for a payday loan may sound huge but it’s only 2% per day, as long as you pay it off quickly. Always wise to just avoid them altogether.
  3. If you take out loans to go to college, major in something that is marketable, otherwise just look for scholarships or pay your own way and go part-time if you have to. I noticed when they quote the cost of college, it is usually $25,000-$100,000 per calendar year. However, when you look beneath the surface, tuition is only maybe 1/3 of the cost. Room and board and books can be paid by the borrower. It’s amazing most people would rather use student loans to pay their living expenses rather than just getting a job and paying these yourself. The only thing expensive about college is the tuition and this is all you need to borrow for, if you must borrow at all. There are all sorts of scholarship opportunities out there; you don’t have to be a genius.
  4. Take advantage of communal wealth. I don’t think anything will happen to Social Security, understanding how the economy works. The Democrats fear the Republicans will eliminate it, and I read about how they want to privatize it, which means putting part of it in the market, so you earn a little more. It was never meant to be a sole source of income anyway. You have to supplement it with a retirement income, paid off home mortgage, family, part-time work or business if you are able in your golden years. Some states even do away with property taxes once you pass 65.

In closing, it is not that the advice I hear from financial “gurus” isn’t practical. Most of these people understand finance from a booksmart point of view and not from the real-world point of view; at least from the working-class arena where most people are. They are usually academics who are out of touch with the average person yet make huge incomes from corporate sponsors. The advice does work well if you an elitist, i.e; usually white collar. No one cares about blue collar anyway, right? Now I am starting to sound like a Democrat. Don’t even get me started on politics. All the government does is subsidize people, welfare, and make them more dependent on government, while the capitalists use that as an excuse to hike prices and make things worse. Both sides just play off of each other to keep us trapped in the rat race.

The “poor” of the world are God’s people. Trust in the Divine and remember He is the One who ultimately prospers us. Even if we look poor by the world’s standards. Becoming wealthy isn’t a matter of “just work harder”. It all has to do with your social class and who you are networked to. If you are born working-class, blue collar, you are automatically poor by the world’s standards; with only a 1% chance of upward mobility. That sounds pretty bleak, but you have to hear the bad news first before you can hear the good news. And I gave the good news at the start of this paragraph.

What makes someone a capitalist?

What comes to mind when you think of capitalism? The first answer most people will give is money. That is, except for those that understand the purpose of money and that the currency is largely made up to facilitate trade and value assets.

This blog post will entertain the idea that anyone, or most people, can be a capitalist. Many will claim to be anti-capitalist because they are not interested in “playing the game”, or they are content with their life and not into raising their standard of living.

Let’s start with the definition of capitalism:

Capitalism is defined as a system made up of private owners who control a nation’s industry and trade for profit, as opposed to being controlled by the state. At one time these private owners were mostly small businesses. Throughout the end of the 19th century and the 20th century, the private ownership has tilted more toward corporations.

Is capitalism all about money?

Technically capitalism isn’t just about money, since currency is a social construct. The definition says it is about profit though. Money is a tool or a resource that is used to make said profit. The profit is made by being of service to others. However, it trends toward favoritism because a capitalist is only serving people who can pay for the created product.

Money may not have necessarily been the end goal during the early stages of capitalism. As standards of living rose, so did the cost of living. In the 21st century, we are moving into supercapitalism, or hyper-capitalism. This is where few of us will experience the highest standard of living known to man. The pitfall is money becomes more of an end goal with most successful capitalists giving in to the “money is everything” mentality; most religious people would see this as idolatry.

Is capitalism a biblical system?

The kingdom of God is bigger than money, no doubt. The underpinnings, or ideas, behind any man-made system may come from the Divine; though humans are flawed and can corrupt anything.

More about this topic in a recent blog post with the same title:

Is capitalism a biblical system? | Daily Evotionals & E’isms

The most interesting answer to who can be a capitalist came in some recent article that I read recently. It said basically that anyone who believes in the free market is a capitalist, while anyone who believes the government needs to have more authority over our lives is a socialist. According to that definition, you can be an exploited worker and still be a capitalist. Especially since all socialism seems to offer exploited workers is dependency on government welfare programs. Even most people who profess to be anti-capitalists would choose capitalism over any form of communism any day of the week.

Since there has always been a system of free enterprise as long as there has been money, I wouldn’t worry about all the fear mongering surrounding the possibility of collapse. Especially when you understand that the market is rigged not to collapse anyway. Businesses do adapt though. Like everything else, economies hit their peak and then they go backward. The benefit of moving backward is everything that went out of style may become popular again.

We may be in late-stage capitalism but if it did crash it would just start over again. Remember no matter what system you live under, including a traditional economy which is what most third world (or developing countries have) it is God who brings true prosperity. When we give credit to a system, that shows we are making an idol out of the system.