Lies from the tablecloth

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The following blog post is about some of the biggest lies we hear in the world. It’s not that the people that tell us these lies are intentionally lying to us; they are sincerely trying to believe the lie themselves. These lies are stuff that we really want to be true but human nature proves otherwise. Not only will I tell you what the lies are, I will also give ideas on how to make it more truthful in your life.

  1. The biggest lie we have heard all of our lives is that size doesn’t matter. Women that say this just don’t want to sound like sluts or make a guy feel bad for not being well-endowed. Although there are other ways to be well-endowed but that is another blog post entirely. You can tell by the jokes about size that it does matter, or they wouldn’t talk about it so much. If you are small, you just have to hope to have something else going for you to help you overcompensate. For example, find someone that is looking for authentic emotional connection over everything else.
  2. The second lie we tell ourselves, or hear others say, is that money isn’t everything. This never makes sense when you have bills to pay. When doing business, money is pretty much everything. Although we probably should value people over money, but that might make us more of a socialist than a capitalist.
  3. While this list is an exhaustive one, I just picked the top three biggest whoppers. The last biggest one on this list is the lie that there is someone for everybody. Meeting someone special is chance a lt of the time. You do have to put yourself out there. But nothing is guaranteed. Life circumstances may cause you to be alone. Better to be alone than to rush into a relationship with the wrong person. Wayne Dyer once said you can never be alone if you like who you are with.

There is the top three biggest lies we heard all of our lives in this world. The list can go on and on but I just picked the most popular ones from off the top of my head. The title is from a System of a Down song, so it was totally random.

The dirty secrets of Capitalism

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The following blog post is all about the dirty secrets of capitalism. Much of it is common sense and most people know it anyway, even if they don’t really want to admit it; or they really don’t want to admit it to themselves. This isn’t to say that capitalism is bad in and of itself; but I wouldn’t call it a biblical system, even though it has some godly elements to it, it it still more of a worldly system.

  1. The first dirty secret of capitalism is kind of obvious but somehow I don’t think most people are fully aware of it; or they are in denial. It is the fact that money is debt, or an IOU to the person we are paying. All money starts as loans. Even the dollar bills say federal promissory notes on them. As one person pointed out, the dollar bill is just another bill you have to pay back.
  2. The next dirty secret of capitalism is that money is everything. No one wants to make money everything. While they try not to sound greedy, it’s kind of hard to deny this fact when you have bills to pay.
  3. The last dirty secret of capitalism (from an exhaustive list) is that it is all just a game. In a way, there is truth that money is how you keep score. Many people hate it for this fact, next to giving money too much place in their lives.
  4. No one is entitled to anything. You get what you earn and sometimes you don’t even get all of that. It is a game of risk. This is why there is so much talent out there that ends up working average jobs and never really makes it big. You have about less than a 10% chance of succeeding, if that.

Despite all of the dirty secrets of capitalism, this doesn’t mean the game is necessarily bad in and of itself. You cannot hate capitalism while using all of the products that it produces. If you don’t want to worship money, then put God first and make sure that you are serving a higher purpose. You may not make as much but you will be richer all the way around. Also, if you add enough value, you can still strike it rich. Just don’t forget where you came from, or God may allow it to be taken away.

Life is about exchange

You’re probably thinking life is all about money.

It would seem as if life is all about money.

Money has a way of becoming the end goal, when you have bills to pay.

The government makes things about money the way they keep inflating the currency.

Life is not about money.

It is about exchange.

Money or not, we live on exchange.

It’s possible to be 100% self-sufficient, but it’s not desirable.

Money is just a convenience, compared to actual bartering.

Money isn’t the end goal, what we are trying to pay for is. Our desired lifestyle.

The service to other people is it’s own compensation. This is what we will get paid in heaven. That’s why lower paying jobs don’t pay much, because they pay more intrinsically. Although the intrinsic reward doesn’t always pay the bills, unless you have very low living standards; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Life isn’t about money. It’s about exchange. The basis for economy is how to meet our needs and what we have to exchange for it. Money is just more convenient.

Focus on what you want out of life, and you will attract the means to “pay” for it.

I think I have a drinking problem

I think I may have a drinking problem. I’m just confessing it and don’t really plan on doing anything about it. Confession alone feels good for the soul. Actually I don’t really have a drinking problem as I drink just fine.

I confess I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t drink coffee anymore. I have been drinking the sweet elixir of life ever since I was a toddler. Straight out of the bottle.

I may have stunted my growth, but I’m 75” tall. That’s 6’3” for those bad in math and who don’t understand their measurements. Maybe I stunted my growth in other areas that I really can’t put on a blog post.

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your bottle. 😂

You thought I was going to say in your cup? Now that you got that jingle stuck in your head, this is a good time for me to close.

Who wears the pants in the family?

A friend I met in church used to always say, “women, you can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them.” The same friend also said that he wore the pants in the family but his wife picked them out for him.

Nothing could be more truthful. The feminine is more spiritual and has more power in a relationship. The masculine is more stable and level headed and makes the decisions.

In layman’s terms, the man is the leader in a relationship but the woman controls him, or has influence over him. It’s one of those paradoxes in life that will blow your mind.

In conclusion, the secret to finding true love is for a man to find a woman that will make him to what he was already planning on doing in the first place.