Lies from the tablecloth

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The following blog post is about some of the biggest lies we hear in the world. It’s not that the people that tell us these lies are intentionally lying to us; they are sincerely trying to believe the lie themselves. These lies are stuff that we really want to be true but human nature proves otherwise. Not only will I tell you what the lies are, I will also give ideas on how to make it more truthful in your life.

  1. The biggest lie we have heard all of our lives is that size doesn’t matter. Women that say this just don’t want to sound like sluts or make a guy feel bad for not being well-endowed. Although there are other ways to be well-endowed but that is another blog post entirely. You can tell by the jokes about size that it does matter, or they wouldn’t talk about it so much. If you are small, you just have to hope to have something else going for you to help you overcompensate. For example, find someone that is looking for authentic emotional connection over everything else.
  2. The second lie we tell ourselves, or hear others say, is that money isn’t everything. This never makes sense when you have bills to pay. When doing business, money is pretty much everything. Although we probably should value people over money, but that might make us more of a socialist than a capitalist.
  3. While this list is an exhaustive one, I just picked the top three biggest whoppers. The last biggest one on this list is the lie that there is someone for everybody. Meeting someone special is chance a lt of the time. You do have to put yourself out there. But nothing is guaranteed. Life circumstances may cause you to be alone. Better to be alone than to rush into a relationship with the wrong person. Wayne Dyer once said you can never be alone if you like who you are with.

There is the top three biggest lies we heard all of our lives in this world. The list can go on and on but I just picked the most popular ones from off the top of my head. The title is from a System of a Down song, so it was totally random.

Some good news about bipolar disorder

Anybody that reads my blog and social media posts will probably think that I am heartless toward the mentally ill. This obviously isn’t the case since I have been hospitalized multiple times since 2003. I had a breakdown and beginning to think I may never fully recover. Although I did develop strong coping mechanisms so I wouldn’t have to take medication for the rest of my life. The disorder itself is pretty much lifelong.

I know many are thinking I should see a doctor about getting off of medication. I have had doctors say that if I can manage without medicine then I am better off. But due to the safety risk and possibility of losing their license, no doctor will condone that method.

Sometimes it’s all about knowing yourself and following your conscious. The more you truly value yourself, the more healing you will experience. While modern medicine may be necessary in the short run, for those that know the origins of pharmaceuticals, they know that it is pretty much organized witchcraft; kind of like the Federal Reserve being organized counterfeiting.

Is anything real anymore?

When I first started hearing the word bipolar disorder, I thought it was odd that nearly every other mental patient had the same diagnosis. At first I thought that insurance companies were paying behavioral health clinics more for that diagnosis. That could very well be the case, but. . .

The good news about bipolar disorder is that we are all pretty much bipolar. The nature of life is up and down. Generally speaking, when you see a straight line it just means the person is dead.

The myth of unconditional love

Romans 9:13. . .”As it is written, ‘Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated.'”

The biggest lie ever heard of read is that of unconditional love. We get so disappointed when those who are supposed to love us end up pushing us away.

Other people who claim to love us, be it friends or family, always seem to have expectations on how we are supposed to act in order to receive that love. If we don’t live up to said expectations, then don’t plan on being invited to the family reunion or even receive a Christmas card.

It is also noteworthy to say the the word unconditional is not even in the Bible, in any translation. God Himself even says he hates some people; I.e., “Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated” comes to mind.

Keep it mind that the word hate is the word the writer of the biblical story used. If you look up the word hate in a concordance you discover that the word hate simply means to “love less than”.

The good news is no one really hates you. But human love is never unconditional either. Even God expects us to walk in accordance with His precepts. Jesus said “if you love me, then obey my commandments for they are not burdensome.” Basically we are to love God and our neighbors.

The only person we can love unconditionally is ourselves. This can become hard to do when we place high expectations on ourselves. This is where we have to be realistic and love ourselves no matter the outcome of our life pursuits.

Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated in the comment section below. God bless.

Maybe it is too late

They say it is never too late to start again, or over. As optimistic as we try to make that sound, maybe it is too late. It is not that it is impossible because nothing is really impossible. It is just that as you get older, your values change. Life humbles you deeply as you age. You begin to realize that life is more than just achievements and consuming stuff.

When it comes to starting a family, it is not impossible to start one late in life. For health reasons, it may not be very wise. It may be hard to find a partner who is able to reproduce, and that is if you even are.

There are other options so all is not lost. Once you realize what is truly important in life, then you can redirect all of your interests toward serving that purpose.

For example, it might be too late to build a career as the older you get the more likely you are to be aged out since employers go for young talent. You can still use pursue your interests as a hobby. Again it is not impossible that that hobby could still turn into a career late in life. It’s just not guaranteed.

Nothing is promised in life. All we have is the present. Having goals keeps us alive but practicing mindfulness keeps us focused on the here and now. Just enjoy the journey and see where life takes you. We might even discover that life makes us rich in other ways that aren’t monetary.

What does eating the flesh and drinking the blood really mean if we don’t take it literally?

John 6:53. . .”Jesus says, ‘Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you will not have life in you.'”

Today’s verse doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? Especially to someone who doesn’t understand it. This is an example of a verse that is taken too literally. Many of Jesus’s followers turned away because they felt the command was too harsh.

Fundamentalists are known for taking the Bible too literally. Just because it’s not meant to be taken literally doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Writers tend to use symbolism when they write. So we would have to understand what was going on during that time period as well as the symbolism of the day.

If you take this verse literally you will think Jesus was calling His people to cannibalism. Remember in the book of Revelations where He invited His people to come in and sup with Him?

This statement about eating the flesh and drinking the blood was an invitation to communion with the living God. The only relationship that fills the spiritual void and gives life meaning.