Daily E’isms

1. I actually miss the days when Hollywood was the nation’s entertainment capital, rather than Washington DC.

2. What if the government really does have our best interests at heart? #jokeoftheday

3. The less I have to do, the more I get done.

4. What exactly does the person who dies with the most toys win, anyway? A trip to an early grave?

5. Maybe if we all loved each other, morals and good behavior would take care of themselves without religion.

6. When you finally made a decision but you’re not sure which head you were using.

7. Expand your mind, because size matters.

8. Ssh. . . It happens.

9. Forget about getting in touch with your inner child. Get in touch with your inner anarchist.

10. Reasons I may be eating alone tonight; I had a date but sneezed and blew her away. Yea, that’s it.

11. The little known secret to healthcare; learn how to heal yourself. It all starts with loving and valuing yourself as a human being.

12. Always give the whole ass. Never do anything half ass.

13. Someday people will appreciate their tinfoil hat wearing friends.

14. I’m starting to feel like a hairy tick (heretic).

15. Got a 50% discount on the Blinkist App on Black Friday; WTH am I supposed to do with all of this useless knowledge.

16. (Remembering Speaker of the House John Boehner under Former President Barack Obama): I wonder how many Boehners (boners) there are in Congress now? Probably all of them.

17. Got caught in the rain again; I need to go home and get out of these clothes. 😉

18. What size shoe fits up someone’s ass? Asking for a friend.

19. Just hanging out with my old friend Orion tonight.

20. If I ever start going to church again, I’m going to the ones I was told not to go to. If your church refers to other groups as cults, that by itself makes them a “cult.”

21. Is it better to have a materially prosperous society or an empathetic one? Apparently you can’t have both.

22. Sunday brunch replaced church attendance. I’m okay with this kind of community. I love food. Plus it’s cheaper than tithing.