Never underestimate the impact of less

The shortest verse in the Bible is the one that read “Jesus wept.” This verse reveals more about Jesus than any other in the New Testament. The verse also reveals a side of Jesus that isn’t acceptable in men today; his human side. It was this same side that chose to hang out with the marginalized people in society.

You know, the side that drank wine and hung out with prostitutes and even gay people (called eunuchs in the Bible). It’s amazing how Jesus can hang out with prostitutes and drink wine, though when I do it I get called a heathen.

Either way, the point of this blog post was not to underestimate the power of less. Less is more in some cases. A short read can be just as full of impact as a long one; often more so because the longer one is mostly fluff to make it longer.

What if Antarctica became a country?

As the world soars past seven billion people, it is a constant thought on everyone’s mind as to how we are going to sustain all of these people. The world is definitely overpopulated. The chief principle in economics is the theory of scarcity; that is the belief that the world cannot contain this many people. This leads the vast majority to work hard and hoard material things while at the same time fearing an economic crash.  

There are many theories as to how to deal with the mass overpopulation problem. One idea is to stop making babies. China already limits households to two children. I can’t help but wonder what happens if a couple were to have triplets?  

Another theory is to start colonizing other planets. Since America is known as the last frontier, many Americans are bored because there is nothing new to discover in this world.  This is perhaps why we are so infatuated with space.  Is there life on other planets? If not, maybe we should find a way to start colonizing Mars next since there has been water sighted on the red planet.  

Migrating to Antarctica?

If the global warming theory persists, eventually Antarctica may become habitable. This is the fifth largest continent and already has tourists visiting during the warmest parts of the years. What if one day Antarctica became another country? That would go a long way to easing the burden of living in an overpopulated world.  

How would we go about populating Antarctica? One thing that is almost for certain; the global elite would definitely want to establish a bank there.  It would probably start with people from all over the world trying to escape oppressive governments and declaring their freedom. Then the global elite would definitely want to invade the territory and establish a bank. This would lead to the Antarctican Revolution and possibly a mass genocide of penguins.  

The Real Problem and How to Deal With It

It’s fun to speculate but however it all turns out, the real problem is overpopulation. People blame the baby boomers for this problem, but it is actually their frisky parents who came home from World War Two and started having an average of four children per household.  

Whatever the case, the overpopulation may have been a blessing in disguise. The elite were trying to turn us into robots and then realized there are a way more of us than there are of them.  

The Post World War Two generation may have saved our lives by procreating more humans than they could control. They can either kill all of us or empower us to provide for ourselves. The latter is the result of the Internet being released to the public over twenty years ago.  

The solution for overpopulation

When you look at issues in the world such as the growing gap between the rich and the poor an climate change (aka global warming), those who are truly educated will know that the only real problem is overpopulation. But who’s fault is overpopulation? Many people blame the baby boomers. How can it be their fault when they are the largest generation known to modern man? In truth, it is actually their frisky parents who came home from World War Two and started popping out babies left and right.

Since “climate change” is caused by human activity, what is the solution? Limit human activity? I am sure the government and those on the left would go for this. It is not grounded in reality. What are they going to do? Put a tax on everything or make everything illegal? They have pretty much done that. Congratulations if you have not been arrested for anything yet.

Personally I think the solution for overpopulation is to get out there and make more babies. It is projected that we will go from the current seven billion people to ten billion by the end of this century. I can hardly wait to see that since I will only be 123 years old by then.

Ten billion people in just 80 years? I am sure if we all work together we can exceed this number. Have another baby boom and shoot for 15 or 20 million.

We can do it.

How to make the world a better place

Everyone has the desire to want to leave the world a better place than it was when they got here. We all dream big of how we can make a contribution to the world; that is at least until we hit our mid-twenties and reality hits us full in the face. The sad truth is there is no such thing as human progress. The 20th century has been marked as the biggest decade for human progress and coincidentally also has the most corruption than any other century known to man.

Every ounce of progress has led to more debt, taxes, and a higher cost of living. For all of our progress and achievements, we are basically doing the same thing that we have always done. Have you ever heard the adage about before and after enlightenment, we carry water and chop wood?

Liberalism at its core is about freedom of the individual. Progressivism takes liberalism to an extreme and takes us right back to what we tried to liberate ourselves from. Today’s conservatives are just trying to conserve their 19th century liberalism. Progressivism seems exciting, at first anyway, If there is no such thing as progress, then what is the whole point of living? Where does man find his significance?

The Westminster Catechism says the purpose of man is to know God and make Him known. Which God? The God of the Bible. The God of the ancient Hebrews. Or Yahweh, “I Am.”

The most doom and gloom verse in the Old Testament is the first verse in the book of Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man in the Bible. Solomon, son of King David, says that everything is meaningless, or vanity, and a chasing after the wind. The last verse in the same book says the whole duty of man is to keep the commandments of God.

Of course man can’t do this until he puts his trust in the Divine and God changes his heart (Psalm 37:4). This is called being born again in the New Testament.

The Kingdom of God is already here. Most of us are just unaware of it because we are too distracted by materialism. Atheists always want proof of God’s existence but the biggest proof is that when people put God first and seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, the world becomes more peaceful and balanced.

All the problems, such as income inequality and climate change end up taking care of themselves. Although God ordains government, they are still antichrist and want to have all the power, so they will never tell us to do what God wants us to do. They may promote spirituality but they won’t promote true religion, which is connecting with life’s most important relationship.

Politics makes me wish I was a futurist

I can safely say I am glad the election is over. I didn’t even care who won. Reason being that there is a greater kingdom that operates in the world and God’s will be done through it doesn’t matter who takes the office of the President of the United States.

I used to always hear Christians say that no matter who is President, Jesus is still King. It seems they only say this when the person they didn’t vote for wins. When their candidate wins, you would think it was the second coming and he was the messiah himself.

To me it doesn’t matter who is in office or what happens in politics because the economy, like the retail stores that I have worked in, tends to run itself. One of the reasons that the economy has been declining is because people are not playing the game like they used to before 9-11.

If you look at the following sites, you will discover a new trend within the church and even outside of it:

The Gig Economy and Sustainable Living

People are opting out of the economy and choosing to live on less. This frees you up to serve God’s Kingdom more fully. Many people are making a living within the gig economy or by pursuing freelance careers that the internet has opened up for them.

A Harvard business professor even encouraged his students to take advantage of this rather than looking for a job. A popular website called also lists creative ways to make a living without having to look for a “job”.

Minimalism: Detachment from the world

Going back to the intentional community idea: this sounds more like church than actually going to church on Sunday. Believers living in communities and sharing their resources and even taking in the poor and homeless like Jesus call them to do. Maybe if the church gets back to doing this, the government won’t have to.

So why do I say that politics makes me wish I was a Futurist? Because I believe that it is a distraction to the Kingdom of the Christ that has been here for nearly 2000 years. Whatever goes on in politics, for one may be more “fake news” just to get advertising. Secondly, keep in mind that we serve a God who can bring good out of anything. See Romans 8:28 where is says “for God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him.”