The nature of chemical dependency

Chemical dependency goes a lot deeper than just drugs and alcohol. Although if you have a drinking or drug problem you’re guaranteed a free place to stay while you work the program. There are other forms of chemical dependency other than drugs and alcohol; Just not as many damaging effects.

Caffeine is the most widely abused drug in the world. The best part of waking up? I always thought it was interesting that any chemical dependency group I visited always had a big ass coffee pot in the center of the room.

Do you ever really overcome an addiction? It seems when we stop using one drug of choice we merely replace it with something else. For example we become addicted to work, religious activities or even the groups themselves.

Relationships can be an addiction as well. Codependency is when we become too dependent on people to fill some void in our lives.

Pharmaceutical drugs are also a chemical dependency. This is why I never liked taking psychiatric medication. It takes months before it really works. It is almost like they are designed that way so people become dependent on them.

In closing I once heard a pastor say there are no addictions. Addictions are merely strongholds. My dad quit smoking after 35 years when he found out he had spots on his lungs. He even said if you really want to quit then all you need to do is just make the decision to.

Since we tend to replace one addiction with another, maybe the healthiest addiction is life’s most important relationship. Everything addiction outside of that is merely just a form of idolatry.

But then again what do I know? I am not a licensed addictions counselor anyway.