Imagine having no one to rule over you, except for the obvious

Judges 21:25. . ."In those days there was no king in Israel, everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

I was listening to a book I rarely listen to in my Scourby bible app; the Book of Judges. I should add that I love listening to audiobooks these days, it's like having someone read to me as a little child again. It is also kind of relaxing if you get someone with a soothing voice. Alexander Scourby is one of those people. It can be hard to concentrate this way, especially since I have a tendency to fall asleep listening t audiobooks. 

The book of Judges was that interim period after Moses and Joshua led the Israelites to the promised land and before the kingdom of Israel was set up. In those days they were ruled by judges, although I would use the term "rule" loosely. As the last verse summarizes, everyone did what was right in their own eyes because there was no king. 

The Constitutional Foundation for the United States

No wonder our founding fathers felt the Bible was a good book for the foundation of a free republic and the American Constitution. A true Republican believes in everyone taking personal responsibility for their own lives.  This is the basis on how to live in a free society. Democracy is an illusion because elections tend to be rigged. Also, the basis for Democracy is electing someone to rule over you. The result of Democracy is more government dependency which is reflected in higher taxes. 

The basis for a Theocracy is rule by God. Obviously, God already rules over everything, though He leaves us the freewill to rule our own lives. No one likes a Theocracy because you usually have an elite group of "rulers." Although you have an elite group, aka the "1%", each person has the authority to rule over their lives.  In a Theocracy, each person can be led by the Spirit of God directly if they choose to follow Him.   A verse in the book of Psalms says "righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings a reproach to its people."  Democracy leads to socialism which leads too laziness and dependency, which is the sin this verse it talking about. 

Why Democracy is bad and eventually fails

Democracy is valued by intellectuals who cherish cooperation over competition. However, most of them don't understand how the world works or even human nature for that matter. The basis for the New World Order is trying to bring in world socialism. If the economy is collapsing, it is just the socialism that is collapsing.  Socialism is doomed to fail and eventually leads back to a freer society. Democracy doesn't really value individual freedom and is more secular, which makes it an antichrist kingdom.  It is nothing more than mob rule over the individual. 

Everything social democrats strive for can be found within a free society in their nonprofit sector.  Or at least that has been my observation from living in more conservative societies. For example, the universal healthcare in "red states" was provided at local county hospitals. 

Just to reiterate, Democracy doesn't really exist because society doesn't really exist. It is just a group of individuals who feel the need to vote for someone to have authority over them. The only real authority is the Most High who lavishes wisdom on all who seek it. We really don't need rulers but will always have a government out of convenience; it helps when it comes to enforcing contracts within the illusion of "society". 

Republicans and Democrats are both socialists to some degree. The former leans more toward greater individual sovereignty and more limited government. Although since both political parties in the U.S. have sold us out in some form or another, the Right is more the lesser of two evils since being sold out to corporate interests is better than becoming a slave to the government. 

Daily E’ism on Free Speech

This commentary, or rant, is on free speech. I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is better to live in a heartless society rather than an overly sensitive society where you have to walk on eggshells to keep from offending people. So much for politically correct culture and the liberal agenda.

Also it is good to note that the government cannot take away any rights as they do not have the power to give rights. Our human rights come from the Creator.

Although it is not necessarily the government taking them away as it is the easily offended liberal hippy freaks.Also most of the censorship in the country comes from privately held companies and not so much the government. Whether or not the government owns a majority of these corporations such as Facebook, Google, and the mainstream media remains a different matter entirely.

I might add that drifted to the Left briefly, but never got much past the center. I didn’t like the closed-mindedness of the far right.

After being a liberal for a brief time, I grew weary of hearing about all the free “shit” they wanted the government to provide. If that was not enough, it was the overly offended politically correct culture.

Now I hang around the center because I think both sides go too far to extremes. The far right seems to think money is the answer to everything. All the while, the far left seems to want the government to take a bigger role in our lives in providing security. Side note: the latter really doesn’t exist in this world. Even Benjamin Franklin said if you trade security for liberty, you will get neither.

We are free to be whoever we want to be.That is a gift of God. Just don’t hurt anyone else. However others are free to take away our freedom any way they can.

I have decided not to walk on eggshells.So if I end up in prison one day for a felony offense charge, it will be a worthy cause. Besides prison may not be so bad anymore. I think they may get access to the internet and even read books.

I read the reviews of a state prison and it sounded like a five star resort the way it described the free room and board. Just watch out for the prison sex though. I hear it’s kind of rough.