How to live on $1000 a month

Even though the cost of living continues to rise, the poverty line still remains at or just above $1000 a month. Why is this? There are people who think anything less than $1000 or week, or even six figures a year, are living in poverty. There are people who make high incomes and talk about how poor they are.

Raising your standard of living is equated with raising your poverty line. Money doesn’t exist since real money is commodity money. The money we have today is just a bunch of debt. So if you don’t like debt, you don’t like money. Consequently the more money you need to live on, the more in debt you are.

We are all basically living on credit. The rich just live off the interest they make off of the debt.

It’s ironic how we lift ourselves out of poverty only to become economic slaves. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it in an of itself. We can enjoy all things in the world and enjoy them more if we don’t get overly attached or find our identity in these things.

This blog post is how to live on $1000 a month. I discovered a few years ago, when I was briefly homeless, how much I could do with $1000 if I didn’t have to pay rent. The cost of living really isn’t that high as it’s only a few sectors where everything is overpriced that make it look high.

People lived without money for centuries and weren’t necessarily “poor” since poverty is a mindset. They lived in communities and some still owned their land but it just didn’t have any value attached to it like we do now. Material wealth is superficial and has no value in an of itself; it’s mostly a power grab. Our real wealth is priceless and can’t be measured.

Likewise people in poor countries have a more traditional economy and chose sustainability in favor of capitalism. They still have banks there too by the way. You hear on the media that they only make less than $2 per day but what they don’t tell you is all their basic needs are met.

The way to live on $1000 a month is to keep that as your disposable income. If you want to pay $1200-1700 on a luxury apartment, then add $1000 to that plus anything else that comes out of your paycheck to figure out how much money you need to live on. Although at three times the rent you would need $4-5k a month but there may be some apartments that will work something out with you; i.e., longer lease or a bigger deposit.

Money is just a medium of exchange. When you align yourself with the desired lifestyle then you will see more opportunities that will pay what you need to finance that lifestyle.

Anyone who truly believes in Divine Providence knows poverty doesn’t really exist and is merely a mindset. It is basically a natural state of living.