Life is about exchange

You’re probably thinking life is all about money.

It would seem as if life is all about money.

Money has a way of becoming the end goal, when you have bills to pay.

The government makes things about money the way they keep inflating the currency.

Life is not about money.

It is about exchange.

Money or not, we live on exchange.

It’s possible to be 100% self-sufficient, but it’s not desirable.

Money is just a convenience, compared to actual bartering.

Money isn’t the end goal, what we are trying to pay for is. Our desired lifestyle.

The service to other people is it’s own compensation. This is what we will get paid in heaven. That’s why lower paying jobs don’t pay much, because they pay more intrinsically. Although the intrinsic reward doesn’t always pay the bills, unless you have very low living standards; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Life isn’t about money. It’s about exchange. The basis for economy is how to meet our needs and what we have to exchange for it. Money is just more convenient.

Focus on what you want out of life, and you will attract the means to “pay” for it.

I think I have gambling addictions

I have to confess that I may have a gambling addiction

It starts in the morning

When I first get out of bed

I never know how the day is going to go

Or if this day will be my last

But despite the fear

I get up anyway

Because it beats the alternative

Which is fear

Which leads to a slow death

Besides the worst-case scenario almost never happens

I leave the house and get in the car, unless I use public transit or ride sharing

Knowing this could be my last trip

If I survive, I could be mangled for life

I get to work where I make countless decisions throughout the day, not knowing the outcome of the decision

I come back home at the end of the day

Eat my dinner, watch a little TV or listen to the radio and then go to bed

Back in bed, my little comfort zone

Knowing I may not be safe there

But I choose not to worry

Inner peace leads to a good night’s sleep in spite of all the negativity in the world.

God is not pro slavery; just pro freewill

Good news

God is not pro slavery

Poor Great Spirit gets blamed for everything

He is pro free will

Surrendering yourself to the Divine will doesn’t mean giving up your individual autonomy

You still have power and dominion over your own life

There has to be a God because only divine providence can keep each from destroying ourselves and the planet

Jesus is not coming back to set up an earthly kingdom. That kingdom is spiritual and invisible. The material world is more of a Luciferan playground.

This place can be either heaven or hell, depending on how many people are aligned with the Divine will. We can’t judge who is and who isn’t because we can’t see people’s hearts.

Although we can get an idea who is led by the spirit by their actions, we can’t assume they are lost just because they believe differently. God is much bigger than that. Even “His” name is man-made. Not to mention pre-supposed gender. Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

We do have freewill. Wisdom is just reverence for the Divine which helps us to make the best choice for our individual lives. Most people don’t believe in this so they trend towards evolution or Calvinism.

It is ironic how we are free though people have the power to take our freedom away from us.

This life will be the death of me

My new life goal is to just exist

I resolve to just pay taxes and die

It seems like an easy goal to accomplish

Actually you can’t even afford to die anymore

Have you seen the price of caskets?

Going into debt to pay for everything

Now you have to finance your own death

Thank God for this scam called life insurance

True you can’t take it with you

But I guess you can at least be buried in it

Even though that is not the real you in there

It seems like it’s just inviting grave robbers to dig your course up just so they can pawn the casket

Anything sells on Craigslist

“Slightly used coffin for sell”

“Only used once. Great deal”

You know times are hard when you gotta dig up Grandpa and Grandma just to help pay the bills
Copyright 2018 E Bishop Wooten

Life is neutral

Life is neutral

It is neither good nor bad

Life may not be a bad of roses

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hard either

Intelligence is the ability to adapt

Learn how to take life as it comes

The good with the bad

Human nature is naturally attracted to the negative

Train your mind to focus on the good in life

Nothing in life is predestined or fated to happen

Life itself has no meaning apart from the meaning that we give it.