Lord and savior Donald Trump?

I’ve heard so much Trump worship in recent years I begin to wonder if 2000 years from now society will organize a religion around Donald Trump and still be waiting for his second coming?

Sound familiar?

Political leaders used to build their own cult of personality. Now society worships these people on their own.

God told us through 1 Samuel that we don’t need a leader. Why do we always insist on having one?

The Kingdom of God is it’s own nation. But I guess that does sound a little dualistic when you realize there are two kingdoms that exist simultaneously, with one being invisible.

The political kingdom is a mirror of the spiritual kingdom. Basically an antichrist that tries to enslave us to materialism.

Not sure it means what we think it means

Make America great again was all I heard during Donald Trump’s campaign for President in 2016. And I thought it was a joke when he announced he was running. Maybe he meant it as a joke and too many people took him seriously.

That slogan could be taken so many ways. A return to slavery perhaps?

Or a return to a time when we weren’t so moneycentric and actually valued community and relationships. If those days ever existed.

Whatever the case, 1 Samuel in the bible reminds us that if we truly trust God we don’t need an earthly leader. So it doesn’t matter who is in office. Especially since they are all puppets. It’s the people that make a nation.

Check out the size of those hands. Every President has a nickname. Trump gets “babyhands”.