Orange is the new black

I borrowed the title of today’s blog post from the Netflix drama with the same name. I have to confess that I would rather watch the drama on the infamous TV app rather than anything to do with politics. This post takes us back to a few years ago when Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama as the 45th President of the United States of America.

The inspiration for the blog post was that I never see much difference in the economy regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. We are usually at war somewhere no matter who the President is for one thing. Supposedly fighting for freedom, though it is usually more for profit than anything.

Granted, the economy was booming under President Trump, yet it started booming under President Obama during his last few years. I am not crediting either President with the success of the economy. The economy is a natural business cycle of ups and downs. It usually booms and busts under a Republican, which is why we are always in a recession when a Democrat gets elected. The Democrats use this as an opportunity to promote socialism. Not long after the election, the economy starts booming again and this is why Democrats get credit for the economy. That and they usually make up for the recession by injecting money into the economy to stabilize it.

I remember the election of 2016. It lasted for hours until Democratic “hopeful” Hillary Clinton conceded to “The Donald.” Trump was merely a tool by the right wing in the United States. It was a psyop to keep the Clintons out of the Oval Office. It may have been a blessing in disguise.

To sum it up, don’t worry about what goes on in politics too much. It is just a distraction from what goes on behind the scenes in the real free society. I only follow it because the Shitshow is entertaining. Everytime I write on something political it ends up being satirical. I may be onto something here.

The letter of the day is Q

By now most people have heard of QAnon. I found out about this group of patriots and Trump supporters from a coworker a few months ago. They have been making posts since October 2017.

Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence I met that coworker. I thought I was don’t going down the rabbit hole till I read many of their posts (which you won’t hear about on mainstream media.

Where did they get their name? The feature photo in this blog post is an aerial view of the JFK Memorial. The driveway is shaped like a Q. There are many references to JFK Jr. In their Qdrops.

There is especially a rumor that the son of the late President staged his own death and is leading Q behind the scenes to take down the deep state that has been trying to take over this country the past few decades.

I don’t really trust Trump and believe he has his own agenda, but if he can take down the deep state then I am all for him. After all he would be the lesser of evils compared to what the Democratic party has planned for this country in the name of “Democracy”. More on that in future posts.

I hope the rumors of JFK Jr (now Sr) being alive turn out to be true. Staging your own death so you can come back and avenge your father’s murderers is the perfect Hollywood ending.

Speaking of Hollywood, if you think you are ready for a steep drop down the rabbit hole, I recommend watching “Fall Cabal” and “Out of the Shadows” on YouTube. I am still disturbed by some of the stuff that I saw on there that most Americans are still oblivious to that was going on under there noses.

Make ‘Murica great again part 2

Do you remember the Trump-Pence logo? (I almost said Trump-Putin). It showed a T being inserted into a P.

Make America great again?

Is Mike Pence The Donald’s Vice President or his first lady.

They would never bake these two a cake, even in Pence’s home state of Indiana.

Getting harder and harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

Trump was talking about the size of his hands in the debates in 2016. By 2020 they will probably whip it out and compare it on live TV.

I always saw Donald Trump as an entertainer. I think he was trying to be funny when he announced he was running for President and the right wing took him too seriously.

Getting harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

But at least it’s getting more entertaining.

I still wish the entertainment capital of the world would go back to Hollywood.

Isn’t it amazing every time ti write on something political, it turns to satire.

Making America great again

The theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. Although this could be good or bad, depending on what it actually means. It could mean a return to slavery and debtors prisons.

It could also mean a return to individualism; when people could stand on their own two feet, without help from the government. Along with that could be a return to a time when people worked together and valued family and community and weren’t so obsessed with work and money.

Either way I’m not a fan of American Exceptionalism. I like the quote in the anti-federalist papers where the writer declared that they would rather be a citizen of a free state rather than an empire. Empires always collapse.

The nation of God is not dependent on national boundaries. In the book of 1 Samuel, we learn that political leaders and kings only rise up because the majority want one. Hence government is an antichrist system, or the “beast”.

The more the citizens of any earthly nation walk in the Divine light, the more the Kingdom of God manifests itself.

Nationalism is nothing short of idolizing one’s own country.

Lord and savior Donald Trump?

I’ve heard so much Trump worship in recent years I begin to wonder if 2000 years from now society will organize a religion around Donald Trump and still be waiting for his second coming?

Sound familiar?

Political leaders used to build their own cult of personality. Now society worships these people on their own.

God told us through 1 Samuel that we don’t need a leader. Why do we always insist on having one?

The Kingdom of God is it’s own nation. But I guess that does sound a little dualistic when you realize there are two kingdoms that exist simultaneously, with one being invisible.

The political kingdom is a mirror of the spiritual kingdom. Basically an antichrist that tries to enslave us to materialism.