This public transportation job looks cool

Many people avoid public transit because of the social stigma that it is a sign of poverty. There are benefits to riding on buses and rail systems. You get to meet different people, of which some have really good paying jobs and just don’t want to pollute the environment or be stuck in traffic. Plus you can actually read on public transportation wheres you probably shouldn’t be reading a book while driving.

I have to confess that I enjoy riding the rail. Sometimes that is more metaphorical than literal when it comes to life. The Dart rail system is the nicest one in Dallas, along with the Trinity Railway Express and A-train in Fort Worth and Denton.

I took this picture in Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix). I couldn’t help think how cool this man’s job was.

Some people are fascinated with train sets growing up; I am more into the real thing. Maybe I should go to work on the railroad. It has good benefits. The scariest thing is if someone gets stuck on the tracks, the train engineer probably wouldn’t be able to stop in time. Thus he would end up with PTSD and therapy the rest of his life.

The most humorous rail story I have is when the train in Phoenix was delayed due to some drunk Indians who fell onto the tracks. That would be one of those “only in Phoenix” stories.