An American Family Heritage: The fictitious Morgan family by Jack Cavanaugh

I first read this series in a library back in 2004. I’m a slow reader and these 500 page novels I still managed to finish within two weeks each. There were eight books at the time:

  1. The Puritans-set around the time the first colonists’ arrived in America and follows Drew Morgan who is the Patriarch of the fictitious Morgan family and the legacy he passed down with a 1611 King James Bible he inherited from his Father-n-law and spiritual mentor, Christopher Matthews.
  2. The Colonists’-Fasts forward to the early 18th century with the three kids of Drew’s great-grandson Benjamin Morgan. That would make the kids 5th generation Morgans in this series. This is by far my favorite novel and I sincerely felt a spiritual revival reading this and the one to follow.
  3. The Patriots-Jared and Anne Pierpont Morgan (Ben Morgan’s youngest son and his wife) and their twin boys Jacob and Esau Morgan. This story is set in the time of the American Revolution and features a cast of characters that make up our founding fathers. Each son makes up one side in the American Revolution.
  4. The Adversaries-Fasts forward to the Civil War with the surviving twin’s grandson the honorable Reverend Jeremiah Morgan and the founding of the Heritage Churches of America and his four kids. There’s a surprise heir to the Morgan line at the end.
  5. The Pioneers-Takes place around the turn of the century with Jess Morgan pursuing a woman halfway across the early settlements of the U.S. territory. Jess is the son of the surprise heir in the previous novel and the 10th generation in the Morgan line with the same Bible.
  6. The Allies-Features Jess’s and his wife’s son and daughter during the time of the Great War of the early 20th century.
  7. The Victors-Jess Morgan’s four grandkids by his son during the time of World War Two.
  8. The Peacemakers’-Jess’s great grandkids Travis and Paige Morgan and features Paige as a college bound hippie and Travis lost in the world of the Vietnam War Era. My second favorite novel.
  9. The Guardians-Came out around the time of the 21st century and is the more recent novel which means it classifies as contemporary fiction now with the 14th generation of the Morgan clan nearly 400 years after Drew Morgan set foot on American soil. The family in the last two book have migrated all the way to Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada with Travis Morgan’s twin boys and a suprise trip to the ruins of Edenford where the legacy started with Drew’s salvation.

I bought the latest book for $2.99 on my free Amazon kindle for pc and I intend to reread this entire series. Only this time I will be purchasing each book so I can reread once every decade for spiritual enlightenment. Maybe I’m weird but I felt a spiritual revival just reading this series. It actually got me into historical fiction.

The family of faith

Gal. 3:6. . .”And Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to Him as righteousness.”
A direct quote from the Old Testament. Abraham, the father of faith. The one who nearly butchered his own promised son because God told him too. The bible mentions Abraham and his seed being God’s people.

Who is Abraham’s seed? Some would think it’s anybody directly descended to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). The seed of Abraham are all those that come to God through faith in the messiah (Christ). Those, who like Abraham, put their faith in God. Because that’s what true righteousness is.

Recognizing that you don’t have any righteousness of your own, you’re only a righteous person through faith in God.

True righteousness is trusting God to help you in every area of life. I once slipped and said something like, “it’s hard to trust some one you don’ tknow.” Wasn’t talking about anything spiritual, but it reminded me-The true test of how well you know God can be answered in how much you trust Him. And you can only trust God through Jesus Christ because God revealed HImself through His incarnate Son.

The root cause of sin (transgressing the law of God-which we’re all guilty of, is taking matters into our own hands and not trusting God with our needs.

Because ever since the fall of man in the garden it’s just not human nature to trust in any one other than yourself. Jesus said in Matt. 18:4, “unless you humble yourself as little children you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Being right with God means trusting Him with childlike faith and relying on the blood of Christ to take away all your sins.

Happy father’s day to Bishop Erwin I

I hung out with a family friend who was close to my earthly father not too long ago. Okay actually it was just over six years ago. I ran across a post on Facebook memories.

The last time I saw my dad was on his 76th birthday in January of 2005. I got him a birthday card that had one of those dials on it that you could point it at his age. It went up to 105 years so I just left it there. My friend’s wife told my pops that he looked good for being over 100.

Anybody that thinks I’m funny would think I was too dry and serious compared to my father. Maybe a sense of humor is a generational curse.

Since my full name is Erwin Bishop Wooten II, my dad also has the same name. I had fun with our names on social media and switched it around to Bishop Erwin the 1st and 2nd. Religious people thought I was being arrogant.

My dad was born during the great depression on January 18, 2005 in Mesa, Arizona. He always told the story about how he was born four doors down from some country singer named Buck Owens (anybody reading this old enough to know who that is?)

Dad’s was named after two of his great uncles; Irving was his dad’s middle brother who died at a very young age and Marvin Bishop Wooten was his grandfather’s brother. The latter died the day after I was born. Wondering if that was a coincidence.

I lost my dad to cancer on March 25, 2005. It was a Good Friday. He had been slipping away for weeks and wasn’t fully conscious those two weeks. The night before he died, I prayed the hardest prayer I ever prayed and told God it was okay to take him if it was his time. He died 8 hours later. Maybe the reason he held on for so long was because I wasn’t letting go.

Since I had a breakdown and my first mental health commitment at that time, sometimes I wonder if my dad quit fighting the cancer because he was tired of seeing me fail back then.

But since I believe in the spiritual world, thanks to my maternal grandmother, I am convinced that no one dies spiritually and am pretty convinced I can feel the presence of my parents and grandparents near me. Maybe that’s why I keep moving back to Dallas. Because that’s where the presence is the strongest.

Happy father’s day you dirty old man. Hope you’re enjoying my little shit Show of a life from where you’re at. I am here to serve.

Oh I forgot to mention my dad’s nickname was Sonny by those he grew up with in California. My Texas friends always get a good laugh out of that.

What is the American Dream?

People today talk about the American Dream being a big house, white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a car. Although that dream is dying, or evolving , into luxury apartments and an Iphone. But I don’t believe the original American Dream had anything to do with materialism; at least not until Corporate America took over everything after World War Two.

The original American Dream was freedom. The freedom to be anything you want. It still is. You are as free as you want to be. Materialism leads to economic slavery and is bondage. Of course, just like sex, it is not bondage if you are actually enjoying your job.

Most people aren’t materialistic. They are just trying to keep up with their peers. Peer pressure doesn’t stop just because you get out of high school

For me, I have this overwhelming urge to want to go against the status quo. It’s the reason I left college to try and succeed without college.

The new American Dream is working 70+ hours a week to pay for wood, hay, and stubble. If people didn’t depend on insurance as much, or healthcare in general, or go into debt to have everything, the economy would collapse

Maybe that is why they play the game. It’s not my way of wanting to die for my country.

You don’t have to make your life about work and money. If you add enough value, you can still get rich anyway. Even if you don’t get rich you can still value yourself. The secret to getting rich is knowing how rich you already are.

You can pray to God to show you how to be rich, but “He” will more than likely show you where true wealth lies; within.

The Talmud says a rich man is a person who is content with what they have. There are probably more rich poor people than poor rich people. I will let you think on that for a minute. . .or two.

If you are content with what you have and live within your means when you have little, you will be more generous if you ever attract an abundance. The abundant life Jesus was talking about was in spiritual things, unlike what the prosperity gospel teachers tell us.

Who’s the boss in a marriage relationship?

Have you ever wondered who wears the pants in the family? The man is supposed to be the spiritual leader. Although many husbands say they wear the pants but their wife tells them which ones to put on.

The woman may technically be the spiritual leader because the divine feminine is usually more sensitive and intuitive to things of a spiritual nature. Men just get the final say; maybe because they are more rational while women are prone to run on emotion.

However there are a growing number of men who are so everything their wife tells them because they have overbearing spouses (ballbusters). These types of husbands are typically passive aggressive and probably would have never gotten married if he’d man’ed up.

If this type of guy were to become more assertive, he’d probably get hit with a divorce decree. This could explain the growing number of divorces taking place within the church. Most divorces seem to be initiated by the wives.

Feminism has empowered women beyond traditional roles as a wife. Women are said to outnumber men, possibly a 7:1 ratio. I haven’t looked it up but I have heard it in more than one setting.

Some of the men in church used to joke about how there would be more women in heaven. Duh! Why do you think it’s called heaven? (Jk). 72 virgins? Jk again. Remember Jesus said there would be no marriage or people given in marriage in heaven.