Can you be so heavenly focused that you are no earthly good?

You know, it’s been said among some Christians that you can be so eternity focused that you are of no good to anybody in this life. To put it in human terms. . .B.S! Was Jesus any earthly good? He was popular but misunderstood, therefore people withdrew from Him. If He was rich from His vocation, He likely gave away all His money, even His home if His neighbor was in need.

To be more eternity focused is to be more God focused. The atheists are right when they say you can’t prove God exists. Most admit you can’t disprove it either. A person who has experienced a relationship with the Divine can’t deny it either. That’s all the proof you need.

The secularization of religion

Many religions, and most people in general, today are becoming more secular. The goal of the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment was to move away from religion and spirituality and focus more on science and intellectual reasoning.

In layman’s terms the more progress we experience, the more we move away from God. Even Jews are becoming more secular. I have even read some Jews profess to be atheist jews.

I couldn’t figure out how that worked when the first commandment in the Torah says to believe in God. But then someone pointed out that Jewry today is more of its own ethnicity. In other words very few Jews practice Judaism. Even fewer can probably trace their lineage back 2000 years or more. Especially since you can convert.

Salvation and finding God

The New Testament says God comes to save the world and not judge it. The Old Testament says if you seek God you will find Him. Even if very few do. God’s nation is His people, the spiritual Jews.

Even if finding God means you are no earthly good, you can still make a difference in life when God uses you to reach others. You can still enjoy life in the material world, though putting the Divine first will enable us to be more self controlled.

What exactly is Hell? It does exist

Since God is everywhere, the only hell that exists is an empty and meaningless life without life’s most important relationship. Nothing in the material world can make a person truly happy.

You can be good without God, as secular humanists teach, but still miss out on the whole point of life.

In closing, if you are really that heavenly minded, you are doing more earthly good than you realize. The world may think you are not doing much but God can do a lot with a little.

Making America great again

The theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. Although this could be good or bad, depending on what it actually means. It could mean a return to slavery and debtors prisons.

It could also mean a return to individualism; when people could stand on their own two feet, without help from the government. Along with that could be a return to a time when people worked together and valued family and community and weren’t so obsessed with work and money.

Either way I’m not a fan of American Exceptionalism. I like the quote in the anti-federalist papers where the writer declared that they would rather be a citizen of a free state rather than an empire. Empires always collapse.

The nation of God is not dependent on national boundaries. In the book of 1 Samuel, we learn that political leaders and kings only rise up because the majority want one. Hence government is an antichrist system, or the “beast”.

The more the citizens of any earthly nation walk in the Divine light, the more the Kingdom of God manifests itself.

Nationalism is nothing short of idolizing one’s own country.

Not about us but has everything to do with us

Mark 2:27,28. . .Jesus said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.'”
When people think of religion, they think of all the rules and regulations they have to obey to be right with God. Of course, as born-again christians we know no amount obedience can make you right with God. True obedience comes from a changed heart when you recognize your sin nature and ask God to come into your life and save you by the blood of Jesus.
God’s standard apart from the blood of Christ for entrance into the kingdom of heaven is moral perfection. Being able to obey the laws of God perfectly. God didn’t create the law merely for His enjoyment though. He created them to show us how to live happier more productive lives-as well as to show us our sin nature and need for His perfect righteousness in our lives.
So to quote a radio preacher I heard one day-“It’s not about you, but it has everything to do with you.” God loves each and every one of His creation and the only thing we can do to return His love is put our faith and trust in Him through the Lord Jesus Christ and His cross. Then God will change your heart and give you a desire to want to live for Him. Without this new nature, all our best works are merely establishing our own righeousness and will merely burn up in the presence of a holy and righteous God on judgement day.