A tribute to my lifelong companion

Yo soy bueno en la cama.

If you know any Spanish at all, it’s not hard to figure this one out. Of course you would probably have to have a perverted mind. “I am good in the bed.”. There is also “Yo soy bueno en la Cocina.” Or the kitchen.

This is a love letter to my bed, my lifelong companion. I confess I have slept around in many beds. And none of them knew I was cheating on them. At least I don’t think they did.

I heard the best part of being single is being able to sleep around (every corner of the bed).

Dear bed,
Had a good time last night. Looking forward to sleeping together again soon.

Short and sweet. Just like my relationship with my bed. Until my next post, I am off to go cuddle up with the love of my life.

Opinions are like assholes

Proverbs 23:7. . . As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Today’s daily rant is just me wondering when a person’s opinion becomes a fact. People tend to think that because they, along with most of the people they associate with, believe that their opinion are the Gospel truth. Religious denominations have been formed around this. Anybody that questions it becomes an outcast.

The most known example is that most people believe life is hard. So they assume that it’s a fact that life is hard. It is still an opinion because some people know that life is what you make it. If it’s hard then you are making it hard. And creating a theology or philosophy that justifies it.

Part of the fall of man is that people are oriented toward the negative. On top of that, many don’t believe in freewill; thus they get a helpless victim mentality view of life.

Today’s verse says ,”as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”. If you want a positive life, you have to take personal responsibility and change your thoughts. Most mental and even physical illnesses are a result of “stinkin’ thinkin'” as Joyce Meyer would say.

Another opinion came from someone I dated. It goes “opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.” Or as the Bible puts it, “let God’s Word be true and every man a liar.”

A little dank poem about common sense

I have a little joke about common sense.

You can stop laughing as I haven’t told it yet.

Common sense never was given a proper burial.

They just threw that mofo in the ground and buried it alive.

A funny thing about common sense

It has gotten so rare that when someone does use it, it amazes them

They look at you like you are some kind of genius

Or perhaps an alien from another planet.

Daily E’ism on Education

What a glorious time to live in when you can get a degree in everything that used to require common sense.

Schools try to teach real world applications but always fail because you can only learn real world applications in the school of hard knocks.

When public education starts referring to themselves as “local indoctrination centers” you will know they aren’t hiding anything.

Sometimes I think of finishing that undergraduate degree that I started over twenty years ago, but I wouid have to relearn everything that I have unlearned since then.

I wouldn’t want college to get in the way of my “education.”

All about time

“Time? You ask me what time it is?

How dare you ask me for the time?

Go find the time on your own damn time”

Well, not sure where all that came from. Just some dank poetry which appears to be my new specialty.

They say writing poetry is a good way to release what is in your soul. Damn, apparently I must be pretty dark in there.

Time and money are both man made illusions to count our days and measure our wealth. Every notice why everything man creates we never have enough of. True wealth is free and there is always an abundance, as long as you connect to the source of life itself.

These little things that I get from reading “Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom.