All about time

“Time? You ask me what time it is?

How dare you ask me for the time?

Go find the time on your own damn time”

Well, not sure where all that came from. Just some dank poetry which appears to be my new specialty.

They say writing poetry is a good way to release what is in your soul. Damn, apparently I must be pretty dark in there.

Time and money are both man made illusions to count our days and measure our wealth. Every notice why everything man creates we never have enough of. True wealth is free and there is always an abundance, as long as you connect to the source of life itself.

These little things that I get from reading “Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom.

Lone Star Legend Flamed Out

Anybody who lives in or knows anybody in the Republic of Texas knows about the historic landmark at the Great State Fair known as Big Tex. Well, he passed away in an arson fire last month. He was 60.

Best known for towering over the City of Dallas just about the whole time Texas has had a State Fair, the Lone Star Legend suddenly went up in flames. Some say it was an electrical problem, still others say it was an apparent suicide (not kidding, read this in local papers). Guess the big guy couldn’t handle the stress of standing twenty feet above ground for several decades under all weather conditions.

C’mon, Tex, they have meds for that! Oh well, when it’s your time to go, just make sure you’re right with your Heavenly Father. Hopefully the Long Star Legend made it to that Great State Fair in the sky and we’ll once again here him with his trademark saying-“howdy, folks.”

Not to fear. They are working on a new and improved statue to replace the old guy. What are they going to call it? Little Tex? Big Tex Mini-Me? Western shirt, jeans, boots, and a diaper?

We’ll know next year.

The Top 5 Doggie Soap Operas

Anybody remember those old soap operas that have been on TV ever since the 1950’s? And on radio prior to that? There are only a handful left on the tube (not quite a tube anymore). General Hospital is the most popular still and I’m not sure how much longer that will last.

Soap operas begin to disappear back in the 90’s, when major networks started airing more news and talk shows. These are just as dramatic as any serial TV show; and probably just as fictional if the truth be known.

My speculation is that soap operas are disappearing because they couldn’t keep up with the drama on social media.

Anyway, I had an idea. What if dogs had their own soap operas? I don’t know how these things come to me. I just roll with it. This post features the top 5 names for popular doggie soap operas for your canine’s pleasure.

5. As the doghouse turns

4. Days of our canines

3. One bark to live

2. General Kennel

  1. The Young & the neutered

I hope you enjoyed those. Again don’t ask or try to figure out how I came up with all of that. Just enjoy it. And feel free to leave a comment and/or check out other blog posts.

Things that don’t make sense

This is going to sound like a rant about money. I have no problem with the subject of money itself. I am not envious of those living in these new luxury apartments, even if it does seem like paying four figures and up for an apartment is a waste of money because one isn’t building equity in something. If I wanted a luxury apartment I would get one. I have seen some small studios for just under $1000, as low as $800 in some areas. These were literally cheaper than the non-luxury apartments in the area.

Although for the price of a luxury apartment, you can probably just buy a condo for $200k or less. If you make less than $50,000 a year you would just need a very large down payment. It might not be as cheap with the HOA and property taxes. The taxes are higher in a high rise than in a house.

Here’s the rant, or maybe it’s just humorous to me. People paying a few thousand for an apartment and are working so many hours that they aren’t even home in the first place. On top of that, when they aren’t working they are socializing in restaurants which are turning more and more into social lounges. The funny thing about the latter is many people don’t even eat much, if anything, when they go out. They are just paying to socialize.

I had the privilege of working a part-time job in a restaurant. You wouldn’t believe how much food was thrown out. Makes you think most people just pay to socialize. Imagine the cooks, who are paid barely above minimum wage and face all that pressure to cook food that is mostly thrown in the trash.

Spending all that money on an apartment you are never in and all that food you don’t eat because you are just there to socialize. Apparently common sense died a long time ago and never received a proper burial. But the good news is this kind of bullshit is good for the economy and actually creates jobs. Also I can’t judge anyone anyway. Obviously no one who actually works really hard for their money will be that flippant with money.

Strange world where the people who work the hardest barely make enough to survive while those that make it easier just throw it away. The latter are the ones that don’t want the government touching their “hard earned” money. I am not that liberal because I am not in favor of anything the government does to help the “poor”. Their methods usually involve subsidizing them which only serves to make the rich richer. In the end this just makes everything worse.

Why do I have to pick sides when both sides go to extremes? Someone has to be in the middle to keep everything balanced.

COPS: The first and the best reality TV show

I confess that I love watching COPS. I didn’t watch it much growing up unless I caught the double feature every Saturday night on Fox. I watched it more in recent years when either Spike or True TV would run marathons. I also admit that I really didn’t pay attention unless something major happened. It is one of those shows where if you seen one episode you pretty much seen them all.

Now that I finally have an Amazon Prime membership, I can buy some of the older seasons for $10 per season; as far back as Season 19. The show is basically the first reality TV show, and longest running.

I love the show because it is fun to watch people get busted; as long as it is not yourself. It is kind of a live action version of the Jerry Springer Show.

I also like listening to the people that get stopped by the police as they make up some of the weirdest excused for doing what they did to get pulled over. For example, one guy said he was speeding because he had to take a piss.

It is even funnier when people hide drugs in their crotch because they actually believe the police are not going to search there. You have to feel sorry for the officer who has to reach in there to pull out a stash that the suspect hid.

One thing I learned from watching Cops is that if you purchase a vehicle, make sure it is not stolen. If someone reports a car stolen and the police pull you over, they do not ask questions. It is almost like guilty until proven innocent. Fortunately you can always note the VIN number and contact the police department in your area and confirm that it is not stolen. Especially with all of these cheap deals on cars that I keep seeing on these apps. Makes you wonder someone isn’t desperate enough to steal their friends car and make a quick buck.

That was off topic, but that’s all for today. I am about to go catch another episode of Cops. Let’s see who does something stupid tonight.