I think I have gambling addictions

I have to confess that I may have a gambling addiction

It starts in the morning

When I first get out of bed

I never know how the day is going to go

Or if this day will be my last

But despite the fear

I get up anyway

Because it beats the alternative

Which is fear

Which leads to a slow death

Besides the worst-case scenario almost never happens

I leave the house and get in the car, unless I use public transit or ride sharing

Knowing this could be my last trip

If I survive, I could be mangled for life

I get to work where I make countless decisions throughout the day, not knowing the outcome of the decision

I come back home at the end of the day

Eat my dinner, watch a little TV or listen to the radio and then go to bed

Back in bed, my little comfort zone

Knowing I may not be safe there

But I choose not to worry

Inner peace leads to a good night’s sleep in spite of all the negativity in the world.

The power of you

In a world where you can be anything you want to be, perhaps the best thing you can be is yourself. The old saying is that everyone else is already taken. Who else are you going to be?

It’s amazing how society tells us to be ourselves, until we actually do it. Peer pressure doesn’t stop just because you get older. It actually gets more intense. They say kids can be cruel in elementary school but the big boys in the real world can be a lot meaner.

People tend to struggle with reality. Though the reality they struggle to accept is usually someone else’s version of it. And in metaphysical terms, the reality that everyone struggles to accept is only 1% of the overall reality that we can even see with the naked eye.