Why Jews are God’s chosen?

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

Galatians 3:28. . .”In Christ, there is no difference between Jew or Greek, slave nor free, male and female, you are all the same in Christ Jesus.” New Century Version

I may have made myself a heretic the last decade or so when I started questioning Christianity. As a freethinker and intellectual, I can’t just accept things on blind faith. Nor do I think God expects me to since He gave me a brain. While I believe proof of God does depend more on faith, there are things in the natural world that point a Creator.

Why did God choose the Jews?

All the world religions trace back to either Judaism or Hinduism. Modern new age philosophy has its roots in the latter, while the moral standards that society has come to embrace have its roots in the former. The pagan world has no moral absolutes, which is why they embrace relative morality; i.e., “if it feels good do it.”

I read the Bible because much wisdom of the world comes from the Old Testament. I can tell this by studying Deism or Stoicism. I begin to ask myself why God would choose the Jews. I saw a comment on Quora from a Jewish person that said there wasn’t anything special about the Jews; God merely chose the Jews because they chose Him. How did they choose the Lord? By embracing Torah, or God’s divine instruction.

Who were the Jews?

So, who exactly are the Jewish people that God chose? They are the ancient Hebrews; the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There are only fourteen million Jews today and most, if not all have been converts over the last few centuries. There may be a few who are directly descended to the father of their faith.

While you have to physically convert to become Jewish, you can be become spiritually Jewish by embracing Torah. This is why the early Church was a Jewish sect, before Constantine took over the Roman Empire and made Christianity the state religion, making the religion more of an empire that is currently in decline today.

The Early Church

The first followers still embraced Torah and practiced the Jewish faith. Over time Christianity got further away from the truth and eventually embraced more of a prosperity gospel and other dogmatic teaching which is contributing to its decline even today. This is why Islam was created, because Jews and Christians both went their own way, and so did Islam when it got caught up in its own dogmatic teaching. The world religions still fight over this even today.

In the last century, Jewish philosophy is making a comeback through Kabbalah and the nation of Israel. I have to admit, after studying these through sites like My Jewish Learning and Chabad, Judaism is way more interesting, and deep than Christianity. The Sufi sect of Islam is just as deep, with its poets like Rumi and Osho.

In closing, it doesn’t matter which outer religion you follow. It is all about a relationship with the Creator. The Bible says Torah is written on our hearts. It is all about being led by the Spirit, which will be reflected by a deeper understanding of Torah. Following Christ is all about following God’s commandments. God already knows you can’t keep all the Laws. It is about your heart’s attitude toward Him. The Christ is the manifestation of Torah. The more people embrace Torah, moore light gets released into a dark world.