What is the Gospel? Aka the Kingdom of God?

Luke 17:21. . .”-the Kingdom of God is within you.”

I’ve heard this question asked in every religious article in relation to this post. Think about it, what is the gospel that Jesus preached?

Is it the health/wealth that the Word/Faith prosperity churches teach? There does have to be some truth to this or it wouldn’t have such an impact. At least health wise. Wealth is relative and okay to enjoy but not be the primary focus in life.

How about “Ask Jesus into your heart” and be baptized. You won’t find this phrase anywhere in the bible?

Today’s verse (in the older translations) declare the Kingdom of God to be within us. In John 18:36 Jesus says His Kingdom isn’t of this world. The world is more properly translated as “realm”.

God is spirit and the things of God are spiritual. This is why we are commanded to live by faith and not by sight.

The real good news is that heaven is all around us. The only thing lacking is awareness Most of us are to blinded by materialism to actually “see” it or enjoy it. Maybe we really don’t believe in the things of God?

The only real sin (missing the mark) is unbelief. This leads us to chase after worldy things in an attempt to fill that void. Even politics is what people turn to when they lost faith in God.

Have to admit that worldliness is really good for the economy. It’s also exhausting with the endless work and trying to solve the various economic crisis that develop.

Seek first the Kingdom and all else will fall into place. The only way to deal with problems in society like racism is to be at peace with God, which supernaturally puts one at peace with his fellow man.

Idolizing the government: Separation of Church and State

I love the Strong’s Concordance. I learned enough about the definitions of words in the Bible to get me kicked out of church. For example, the definition of Grace is “a divine influence upon the heart that is manifested in the life.” The word charismatic just means grace motivated. Too bad some charismatics end up promoting a prosperity gospel into making this about material wealth (which is not bad in and of itself.).

I was reading 1 Corinthians 6 one day, you know verse 9 where it says “homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven”? At least in the new translations. Just like in the book of revelations where the newer translations say “sexual immorality”, the older translations just say “fornication”. The latter meaning is perversion of something (porneo in Greek) and not necessarily about sex. Religious zealouts pervert the law by trying to follow it without understand the spiritual meaning is about loving God and our neighbor.

Spiritual adultery is not trusting in God which leads to an enslavement to materialism.

The older word is 1 Corinthians 6:9 for homosexuals is “effeminate”. The meaning of this word is “soft”. How else do you explain why Paul started the chapter off talking about people suing each other? The people of the day were becoming soft and enslaved to the elite, or 1% of their day. Cross reference this with Proverbs 28:1 where it says “the righteous are as bold as lions” and a verse towards the end of Revelations where it says “the cowardly will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Separation of Church and State is one of the foundations for the Amerian Constitution. Though it has never came to fruition. Evangelical Christianity, or the Christian Right, aligns itself with the Republican Party and even Zionists in an attempt to build a man made kingdom or Theocracy. This didn’t work when the Catholic Church had a Theocracy, it won’t work with Protestants. The Kingdom of God is already here for those that walk in truth and already established because it belongs to God and needs to building up, just an awareness that it is within.

The Christian Left is the polar opposite and doing just as much damage. And they wonder why Libertarian types don’t get into politics much. It’s hypocritical for the Right to say they are against Democracy yet think your vote matters. Democracy looks good on paper but can never exist in this world and only seems to result in more taxes and regulation and less freedom.

God told His people in 1st Samuel that they don’t need a ruler. Anarchy begins to make more sense since it involves taking full responsibility for ourselves and not being dependent on a system.

I have generally felt less patriotic the last few years. Nationalism is basically idolatry. Once you realize all nations become corrupt and the kingdom of God isn’t bound by any boundaries, then you realize it’s all built on a lie.

The biblical meaning of “middle class”

Proverbs 30:8. . .”Keep falsehood and lies far from me. Give me neither poverty nor riches; give me only my daily bread.”

This verse if pretty much the biblical basis for being “middle class”; one who is neither rich nor poor. When we look around and see someone with much wealth, our natural assumption is that these people are rich. Ironically, people who make six to seven figures per year don’t often see themselves as wealthy. This is funny considering they have more than 90% of the population, and more than that in a global sense.

Does the Bible encourage building wealth?

The Bible doesn’t encourage us to strive for wealth. Even the New Testament says to keep our lives free from the love of money. People in the Old Testament were wealthy but mostly in the sense of owning land that was given to them after years of working it, or through inheritance. Jesus and his apostles were at or near poverty. Many mystics in the early church through the last few centuries were known for taking a vow of poverty and living a life of simplicity.

If you believe in divine providence, then poverty is a mindset. Those that tithed in the Old Testament gave a voluntary tithe in response to already being blessed by God. God’s blessings are based on who He is and not dependent on anything we do. We are already blessed. Material blessings are separate from divine blessings, though the latter can overflow into the former.

Prosperity is a mindset: Real wealth is gathered little by little

Since God doesn’t condemn anyone, no one is condemned for pursuing wealth; though God will hold one to a higher standard if they pursue wealth. They will have to use it to serve others to some capacity.

Studies show capitalism has lifted 40% of people out of poverty. That means 60% still live in poverty; with most of these people living in third world, or developing countries. Many people are poor because they live in communities. We in the United States still have Amish and Quakers who still live this way.

Middle class is an illusion for poor people trying to look rich

The Bible never says anything about the existence of a middle class, no does any religious text. There are only rich and poor, with the former usually getting rich off of exploiting the poor. Find a passive income opportunity where you don’t have to work hard; guess what, just because you aren’t working hard doesn’t mean someone isn’t, and usually for low wages.

If there were no poor people, what would the middle class be? Likewise what would this class be if there were no rich people? I have a feeling middle class is a man-made term for people who don’t want to label themselves as poor.

The Kingdom of God is the inverse of the world

In the Kingdom of God, the poor are the rich because they, in most cases,trust more in the Divine and are the least enslaved to the worldly systems. Money is created out of debt, so the more you have the more debt you probably have. It is all superficial.

Put God first, love and serve others, and focus on the opportunities around you to live as richly as possible, regardless of income. Capitalism at its base is more about maximizing the use of one’s resources.

How to make the world a better place

Everyone has the desire to want to leave the world a better place than it was when they got here. We all dream big of how we can make a contribution to the world; that is at least until we hit our mid-twenties and reality hits us full in the face. The sad truth is there is no such thing as human progress. The 20th century has been marked as the biggest decade for human progress and coincidentally also has the most corruption than any other century known to man.

Every ounce of progress has led to more debt, taxes, and a higher cost of living. For all of our progress and achievements, we are basically doing the same thing that we have always done. Have you ever heard the adage about before and after enlightenment, we carry water and chop wood?

Liberalism at its core is about freedom of the individual. Progressivism takes liberalism to an extreme and takes us right back to what we tried to liberate ourselves from. Today’s conservatives are just trying to conserve their 19th century liberalism. Progressivism seems exciting, at first anyway, If there is no such thing as progress, then what is the whole point of living? Where does man find his significance?

The Westminster Catechism says the purpose of man is to know God and make Him known. Which God? The God of the Bible. The God of the ancient Hebrews. Or Yahweh, “I Am.”

The most doom and gloom verse in the Old Testament is the first verse in the book of Ecclesiastes, written by the wisest man in the Bible. Solomon, son of King David, says that everything is meaningless, or vanity, and a chasing after the wind. The last verse in the same book says the whole duty of man is to keep the commandments of God.

Of course man can’t do this until he puts his trust in the Divine and God changes his heart (Psalm 37:4). This is called being born again in the New Testament.

The Kingdom of God is already here. Most of us are just unaware of it because we are too distracted by materialism. Atheists always want proof of God’s existence but the biggest proof is that when people put God first and seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, the world becomes more peaceful and balanced.

All the problems, such as income inequality and climate change end up taking care of themselves. Although God ordains government, they are still antichrist and want to have all the power, so they will never tell us to do what God wants us to do. They may promote spirituality but they won’t promote true religion, which is connecting with life’s most important relationship.

Making America great again

The theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. Although this could be good or bad, depending on what it actually means. It could mean a return to slavery and debtors prisons.

It could also mean a return to individualism; when people could stand on their own two feet, without help from the government. Along with that could be a return to a time when people worked together and valued family and community and weren’t so obsessed with work and money.

Either way I’m not a fan of American Exceptionalism. I like the quote in the anti-federalist papers where the writer declared that they would rather be a citizen of a free state rather than an empire. Empires always collapse.

The nation of God is not dependent on national boundaries. In the book of 1 Samuel, we learn that political leaders and kings only rise up because the majority want one. Hence government is an antichrist system, or the “beast”.

The more the citizens of any earthly nation walk in the Divine light, the more the Kingdom of God manifests itself.

Nationalism is nothing short of idolizing one’s own country.