Anything you say can and will be used against you

Philippians 1: 21. . .”To live is Christ and to die is gain.”

The words spoken by the Apostle Paul where in laymen’s terms basically wished he was dead. Although with the belief in eternal life, he wouldn’t really be dead. But to a lost and dying world this phrase would probably come off as sounding suicidal.

It’s not uncommon for people today to see the corruption of the world and long for a better one. If it can’t be established here then many long for the next life, even if there isn’t one. Even Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastes that it was better to never have been born than to see all of the corruption that goes on under the sun.

This is why Jesus said to die to ourselves. When you lose your will to live, focus on serving a higher purpose. The only path worth pursuing is spiritual enlightenment.

Also don’t judge someone who appears spiritual but doesn’t profess Christianity. Even the religion itself has become tainted by the world. Many who reject it may still be led by the Spirit indirectly.

We also don’t want to judge someone who takes their own life. We all have to go sometime. Maybe that is the way the Holy Spirit led them to go. When a person has all they can take of this life and takes life into their own hands, this could still be from God.

I have had suicidal thoughts for 16 years. It is my will to live that keeps me alive. The corrupt healthcare system tells us that we don’t have any willpower of our own. Sadly professional help is nothing more than a sales gimmick these days. They will try and keep is dependent on the system for as long as they can. At times it will seem overpowering. All you have to do is understand the origins of the Pharmaceutical system.

As much as I hate to lie, sometimes you have to in this world For instance not disclosing one has a mental illness diagnosis for fear of losing their license or losing a job. Also not disclosing bad thoughts so you don’t get arrested. You have to really know yourself though. Just follow you conscious and do what is right for you. For me, I have had a doctor tell me that f I know I am not going to hurt myself and the episodes pass within a day or so, just ride them out and harness my coping strategies.

To sum it up, maybe thoughts of death are really just homesickness for someplace that only our faith assures us exists. It may not be depression after all. You can’t fully trust the system that writes prescriptions so flippantly just so they can get their quota. But if you don’t want to be enslaved to the luciferan paradise, there is only one place left to turn.

Who runs the world?

How deep does the rabbit hole go? I should be in China by now after a decade of digging. I have dug farther than the average person and yet I find out I still haven’t dug far enough.

If you think governments are the problem, guess again. The governments of the world are merely puppets.

If you think the Rothschild’s and central bankers are the problem, think again. Compared to who runs the world, even the Rothschild and Rockefellers are living in poverty by comparison.

Above the central banks are the think tanks: UN, WHO, Club of Rome, etc. If you look at the symbols of the first two and look up the ancient symbol for the SPQR, you will notice some similarities.

What is the SOQR? It is the symbol of the Roman Senate. This begs the question as to whether the Roman Empire really fell or not. Or perhaps the ancient Empire fell and these people are trying to rebuild it.

We are barely scratching the surface with the Roman Senate. Above them are the 300 richest sub-families. The crown Council above them are the 13 richest families.

Some of the richest families in the world go all the way back to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Did you ever notice how Pharisee is similar to pharoah?

I skipped the level where the corporations are at. I also didn’t expand on central banking enough. But those two may soon be a thing of the past.

Who is the World Monarch? Who represents the eye? I look forward to hearing some of your answers to these questions.