Following my dreams and reporting the news

Most people figure out what they wanted to be in their teen years. Few actually pursued it, either when they realized how much work it was or they made the mistake of settling down too quick with a family. Or they are afraid of stepping out in faith and pursuing it. Sometimes it’s a little of all three.

My dream job was working in the media. I wanted to be a disc jockey at first, because I loved music. I am not much into public speaking, and a slight speech impediment doesn’t help.

During my first and only year at University, I got more into writing. I should have been doing that the previous ten years. Just like I should have stuck with that but chose to try and climb a ladder in retail instead. Not knowing why I was so unhappy at work.

Now I look back on it and realize even if I had dedicated my life to being a journalist, just how corrupt the media is. Truth doesn’t sell well and you have to promote propoganda on either the Left or Right to have a job. It is just like being a doctor, I read an article where a doctor said if he had to do it all over again, he would have chosen a different path just due to the corruption in the healthcare industry.

That’s the benefit of blogging. Although it’s hard to know what is factual on a blog too since many bloggers bend the truth just to get hits. There are a few networks coming up that focus on the positive in the world, such as the Good News Network and Upworthy. You can also write short stories and maybe a column for a newspaper or a magazine.

Your spiritual calling is the same no matter what. You only need a license to be legitimate as far as this system is concerned. The higher purpose is bigger than money.

That is why Jesus said you can’t serve God and money. You know who you are serving by what your end goal is.