No one likes truth

I love making memes. It will probably be a leading job in the future. But it probably won’t pay anything. The entertainment value can be enough of a reward.

This meme reminds me how funny it is that we are still debating flat earth in the 21st century. When you study history you begin to realize that we really haven’t progressed that much.

This meme also reminds me that people only seek truth until they hit something they don’t want to hear. Then they claim to still be seeking truth though anything they find will be distorted into a lie.

I got interested in journalism in college but chose business once I realized that journalism was nothing than organized gossip and a propaganda tool.

If my goal for this blog is to promote truth, I probably won’t make a lot of money. If any since money is a measure of value and we don’t really value truth like we say we do.

I guess it will have to serve a higher purpose and I will have to find a good day job. The benefit of a free blog is it will live on long after I’m gone.

Life in the material world

This meme about sums it up. The world isn’t getting worse. It’s always been cursed. The church was supposed to be a light to the world. They still are to some degree, but even man can corrupt that too.

Life is not hard. The ways of the world are. To put it in proper perspective anyway.

Anybody who walks in the Divine light is the Light of the world. Don’t expect the world to respond well to the light.

This gets old

I made a meme with Angry Walter from Big Labowski played by Roseanne’s John Goodman. This meme was in response to all the ignorance from people who actually think Christmas is actually Jesus’s birthday.

In actuality historians pinpoint the Lord’s birthday to September, meaning he was co conceived around Christmas. That would make sense that the Hebrew messiah was born at the start of the Jewish New Year.

Quote of the day from India

Quote of the day from an old friend and someone I follow on the internet.

He has a point. Why be real when you can use technology to make you look better than you really are.

Once it’s on the internet, it becomes truth. You can be anything you want to be.

My other favorite quote by this guy named Taz in Bangalore is:

If you’re going to be sheep, be a badass sheep.”