Striving so hard for world peace that we miss it

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Psalm 46:10. . ."Be still and know that I am God! I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted among the earth!"

I grew up in a Christian family, albeit we weren't very active in the church. We did watch a lot of religious programming on TV and I was taught the basics from the Bible about God, prayer, the Ten Commandments, etc. The biggest thing I was taught was that Jesus was coming back to set up His Kingdom on earth in the Second Coming; later to be known as the millennial reign when I got older and started going to church on my own. 

During my 20's and 30's while I was attending church, I explored other denominations and even read a little on the New Age movement. Jews were waiting for the Messiah; Islam was waiting for the Mahdi.  The only religions that weren't waiting for some Messianic figjure was those that were linked to Hinduism, including Buddhism. They seem more to describe finding the god within, otherwise known as Pantheism. This is the source of much of the New Age movement. 

As I got into my 40's and gleaned a little more information from various New Agers, I heard them describe Atlantis. This is a fictional Utopia mentioned in the works of Plato. It is also the basis for John Milton's Paradise Lost.  This the Utopia that intellectuals (who are mostly socialists) are striving for.

All of these groups are striving for that perfect Utopia and world peace. It is a peace that already exists in the world. Most of the conflict in the world is governments stirring up conflict so they can have an excuse to start another war to generate revenue and profits. 

On one hand we think that world peace and the Kingdom of God will never be established on earth because human nature simply will not allow it. We would somehow have to achieve perfection in order to establish this Kingdom. This leads to numerous self-improvement methods which stir up conflict within ourselves. We can never be at peace because we are constantly trying to "ascend." 

The good news is the in the tree of life, we are already perfect just the way our Creator created us. Once we eat of the tree of knowledge, we see everything that is wrong with us and we will spend millions trying to fix ourselves. We water down the truth of divine revelation and create idols so as to have a god that suits our lifestyles. Everything that is wrong with capitalism may stem from man trying to become a god and fill his own voids that only a relationship with his Creator can fulfill. 

When we cease striving and come to know the God of the Bible as the King of kings and Lord of lords, everything that we long for in the future suddenly becomes manifest in the Present. Looking for a future Kingdom is still looking for all of these things outside of ourselves. 

The Bible says to live by faith and not by sight. While we look for what we can see, the things we long to see can only be discerned through our connection to spiritual realm.