We are the second coming we have been waiting for

The most mind blowing experience you will ever have is realizing that everything you have spent most of your life waiting for has already come to pass.

The established church teaches from a literal perspective on the second coming. The real good news is Jesus isn’t coming back; because his body is still here. It isn’t bound by any established man made religion.

The true church may always be a minority but God can do a lot with a little. In that case, living on an overpopulated planet may be a good thing.

The Preterist Reformation

As Christianity declines in western culture and the United States in general, many who still defend the church think it’s time for a another Reformation. The Protestant Reformation exposed the churches lies with regards to selling indulgences and the office of the Pope. The latter was technically an abomination with calling the supreme pontiff the “holy father.”

Also the Catholic Church was known for keeping the public from reading the actual biblical texts, so no one could think for themselves. Of course, even in Protestant world many people who attend church still don’t read the actual text; they just rely on whatever their preacher tells them.

So what would the next reformation be? It’s been 2000 years and many are starting to wonder about this whole Jesus coming back thing. I know for me, I started reading the book of Revelations about 20 times in one years back in 2013.

Here are some of the things that led me to the conviction that Preterism was true:

  • Read the Bible with a first century mindset; how the text in the first part of Revelation said “these things which must shortly come to pass.” Of course God’s timing is different than man’s but no one in the Old Testament ever waited several thousand years for a promise. Also the word for second coming, aka parousia, referred to judgement on Jerusalem which could have easily been AD 70, if the book turns out to be written during the 60’s and not towards the end of the century like the established church proposes.
  • Ask yourself “what if these events already happened?” I asked myself this multiple times and that’s when it slowly dawned on me.
  • Read historical accounts outside of the Bible and find out about a war between the Romans and the Jews that took place from AD 66-73; note the fall of the temple took place at the midpoint. It turns out the Left Behind series was accurate, though it was basically historical fiction.

If you think Christianity will become more popular when the lies get exposed, think again. It was the lies that held it together; the biggest one being the hellfire and brimstone which was taken right out of Dante’s Inferno. It was the lies that held it together this long. But if it hadn’t been for the lies, we never would have heard the truth, for those that can see through it.

What does this mean for the nation of Israel?

I am still researching about Turkish-Mongolian settlers that raided the ancient hebrews thousands of years ago and borrowed the ancient texts which was subsequently used to build a false religion of Judaism around. This religion later was taken over by Christianity when it became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Islam would have never started if it hadn’t been for the corruption of the first two.

So what is this so-called Israel today? Mostly just a historical site. Jewry is more of an ethnic group. The Zionists are a political movement, mostly European atheists from what I read, who are using bad theology to rule the world from Israel.

The Catholic Church

The nation of Israel exists along with the Catholic Church to preserve the religious texts which point to the one true God. The ancient Jews, people of Judea, were chosen to reveal the one true God through the Christ. The current state of Israel exists to preserve the Torah which even the prophetic writings say is written on man’s hearts, and even Jews say one can practice their religion anywhere; the law boils down to simply loving God and loving one’s neighbor.

The Catholic Church simply means “universal church’. While the Judeo-Christian faith is the basis for truth, the one true God can be found anywhere.

The Future

Sadly, in another 2000 years there will still be people who are still waiting for the soon return of Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t doubt if there was another group waiting for the soon return of Donald Trump along with it. American Evangelicals seem to only support the nation of Israel so they can kick the Jews out of the United States and make Christianity the state religion of the U.S.

A comment on Quora under the topic of Preterism said that if this was all true, that would make true Christians just another form of Deism. Much of the Quakers profess to be Deists. It simply favors rationality of blind faith and doesn’t really believe in an overly personal God. Just because God is sovereign doesn’t negate your freewill, which most people don’t really believe in anyway.

The best argument as to whether we have freewill is to compare our relationship with God to a marriage, just like the Bible does. Who chooses who? Both choose each other. I am sure many hyper Calvinistic types will still twist this. And even atheists say that if a God exists then man doesn’t have freewill. My only conclusion is that giving man freewill was a sacrifice on God’s part because He didn’t want machines.

Reasons to throw away the gift of life

The biggest irony I have discovered since reading the works of the mystics and Gnostics the last few years is in following the Christ right out of Christianity. This happens when you actually read the book most churches claim to believe in with an open mind, not taking everything too literally if you understand symbolism.

A world without end

When you read the Bible with a 1st century mindset you discover that all of God’s promises have been fulfilled during the time they were given. In more than one place in the book of Revelation it says “soon must come to pass.” Granted history does have a way of repeating itself so whatever happened during the 1st century can easily happen again now.

The earth never ends. But it seems to start over every 2000 years when man gets too corrupt. Don’t worry about Operation Depopulation. The righteous who follow The Way will always be “left behind” to repopulate. With over seven billion people, only a tiny fraction of us need to reproduce to keep humanity going.

Putting things in perspective

Life is not hard but the ways of the world are. This is why the Bible says true religion lays in not being corrupted by the world; aka overcoming it through faith in a Supreme being or higher power. Life is a gift though it doesn’t seem like it. If you are not attached to anything in the material world, then you hold it with an open hand. Then you are likely to be more generous and experience true divine wealth which is greater than money. (Money and wealth are not the same thing since the former is just a means to an end).

No such thing as balance: Just a right focus

You cannot balance the material and spiritual world because life is spiritual only. People claim they don’t have time to be spiritual but when you make time for what is important to you, life naturally balances itself out. They say there is no such thing as balance because if you are balanced, then you are poor. It is true that if you exercise self control and don’t overindulge you may look poor by the world’s standards.

So if God is good and is love, then why would people reject this “God”? The tree of life is resting in divine providence while the tree of knowledge is materialism. Ever wonder why knowledge is so endless and frustrating and causes anxiety and other mental health issues?

Welcome to the minority

Jesus said the road was narrow. Perhaps one benefit to overpopulation is we have more people following the Way than ever before, even if it’s only 20%. People are too attached to all life has to offer (which are not bad in an of themselves). Some people are merely just trying to keep up and don’t want to be ostracized by their peers (which is still attachment).

Also acknowledging the spiritual world promotes duality, which most people can’t handle. If there is good, there has to be evil. If there are rich people, then there will always be more poor people. Poverty is created when greedy people strive to become rich. There is nothing wrong with being rich is you use it to serve others, so we can’t judge “prosperity” preachers because there is an element of truth to it.

There is such a thing as freewill

Also most people have a determinist outlook on life, that is they believe we don’t have freewill and that everything is preordained. This led to Calvinism, believing that God only saves a few and damns the rest. The polar opposite is God will save all (universalism.

I guess you have to be spiritually enlightened to understand free will. Marriage is a union of the Divine with humanity. Earthly marriages represent this. Marriage takes two people consenting, so this way you can easily refute Calvinism.

If there is no free will, then there is no freedom. The theme of the New Testament is freedom; where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. To reject freedom is to reject God. To reject individuality in favor of collectivism is to reject freedom, which leads us to become more dependent on the group; this is why we are becoming more entrenched i socialism everywhere. Capitalism represents man’s freedom to exchange and isn’t entirely about money.

In closing, universalists, mystics and preterists think the Gospel of the Kingdom will be more appealing when you realize that hell and the second coming are man made myths to control people, while in actuality the religion will decline.

Final thoughts on what really matters

If God is so loving, why would so few seek it? Maybe the obvious answer is because we are too full of ourselves and would rather try to be God. This is the original sin. Every other “sin” just represents this. The only sin is lack of trust.

You don’t need a God for the Infinite to exist. “He” exists on “His” own. But true wisdom comes from reverence (the biblical meaning of fear) for the Divine. That wisdom will direct your path and lead us to make the right choices. God doesn’t want to control our lives. We are responsible for ourselves. He doesn’t need our worship, but worship is merely acknowledging the Divine and benefits us more than Him by keeping our lives in balance.

Love is salvation but without loving God first our love for ourselves and others will merely become a selfish attempt to make ourselves into a god.