Wanting to be made well

John 5:6. . .”When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, “Do you wish to get well?”
Notice Jesus asked the man by the pool if he wanted to get well. The Lord lives to save but only if we realize our need and actually want to be set free and live for Him.

If you’re reading this email and you haven’t found God in your life, do you wish to get well? Have you realized how sick you are? There’s a good physician waiting to heal you if you’re willing to give Him your life. He doesn’t even cost anything. In fact He’ll even pay your bill for you.

As for those that have been “treated” by the good doctor, do you wish to get well? Have you made spiritual growth a commitment or are you stuck in a rut just going through the motions everyday.

Life’s most important relationship is quite an adventure buy you wouldn’t know it by talking to a lot of christians. In fact if every christian actually shared their faith more (I know I need to work on this too), probably at least half the world would be saved.

Bipolar hookup

Although it is not recommended for two people who have Bipolar Disorder, or any other mental illness, to “hook up”, you can’t always stop love. These two may be the only ones who understand each other. This blog post will focus on the positives of dating someone with a similar mental health diagnosis.

One positive note is you may get a lot of alone time when your partner goes off on a manic phase. I can see it now: “Where is your boyfriend/ girlfriend?” You answer: “Oh, I don’t know really. Off on some mood swing somewhere.”

Speaking of mood swing, that would make a great tagline for a dating profile:

“Bipolar person seeks like-minded person to go on nice, romantic mood swings with.”

You never know, it could be a match made in heaven. As long as one of the two, or both, don’t have anger issues. Anger issues always kill everything.

On a final note, you haven’t lived until you’ve had bipolar sex. That always makes it worth it.

Jesus knew what was in man

John 2:25. . .”No one needed to tell Him about human nature, for He knew what was in each person’s heart.” (NLT)

Today’s devotional reminds us that even Jesus appeared to have trust issues. Once you understand human nature, it is very difficult to trust another person. This is perfectly okay. It is far better to trust the only one who is perfect anyway. You are not really supposed to fully trust other humans; you take chances on people. This truth must make it difficult to get married, but if two people fully trust the God of their relationship, then their marriage will be perfected.

On a side note, Jesus’s understanding of human nature makes Him the perfect psychotherapist; maybe psychologist, probably not a psychiatrist since the patient wouldn’t need medicine anyway. At least you know you wouldn’t be charged a copay to see Him. After all, the Bible says God is the great physician.

Years ago, when I was struggling with mental health issues, I eventually gave up on Psychiatry because I couldn’t deal with the side effects, with the only solution being to take more medication. Then I gave up on Psychology because it felt like all I was was a business opportunity for some therapist. It felt like professional help was a sales gimmick.

I chose to pray and read spiritual stuff, mainly the Bible and a few self-help Psychology books. Of course, there’s not much incentive to do this when the government will pay you a check not to work. I guess understanding human nature will also lead you to favor capitalism (or anything) over socialism.

Not that seeing a doctor or therapist is necessarily a bad thing. There are several good faith based ones out there. I found one, although he might see me as a heretic now and want to get me to overcome that too. There are also non-faith based counselors out there who aren’t driven by the Almighty dollar.

The point is, putting God first means going to God with an issue before you seek any help outside of of Him. It could save you money in the long run. You will likely encounter opposition from even people in the church who are carnally minded and conformed to the world.

Acting as if. . .

Have you ever heard that phrase “fake it till you make it?” You might be living under a rock if you haven’t. Personally, I hate this phrase. I don’t like anything that makes me feel fake. However, acting as if is a genuine concept. That is what this blog post is all about, how to “act as if” you already have what you want in life.

Along with the concept of acting as if comes the realization that prosperity is a mindset. This means that the poor are already rich, they just don’t know it yet. Maybe because they let the mainstream media tell them how poor they are. Or because they keep comparing themselves to those that have more, or at least have to those that appear to have more because their standards are higher.

I once saw a quote in the Talmud that said a man is rich who is content with his lot. The Bible says in the Book of Ecclesiastes to accept one’s lot in life. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to be better or change our situation if we don’t like where we are at. It just means that nothing is promised so change isn’t always guaranteed. Or we could die before anything actually changes, since nothing is promised to us in this life.

There is another saying that if you change the way you look at things, things tend to change. By adopting a prosperity mindset, we attract a better outcome and repel anything negative in our lives. Income wise, we may still look poor by the world’s standards, but we will attract all the things that money can’t buy. Namely better relationships who value actual relationships over material gain. If we live in a bad neighborhood, we may move to a cheaper neighborhood in a lower cost of living area. Or a lower income community where the people are not so bad. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from making more money, just saying it’s not the end all and be all of life that we sometimes make it out to be.

By “acting as if” or adopting a prosperity mindset, we can be more mindful and enjoy life in the present since it’s all that we have. For example, I haven’t made it as a published writer yet, but I can still act like I have my own column since I have this blog and social media followers. In a sense, I already am a published writer even if I’m not making any money at it yet. Or at least much. I may still be making a difference in the world, hopefully with the few people who I do reach. Either that or they will just think I am retarded and feel sorry for me.

All things bi-something in the 21st century?

In the last few years, I have grown weary of hearing the word bipolar. For a rare condition it seems as if over half of the mentally ill people in the United States have this label. Then I started to realize maybe all of human nature is bipolar; what with the ups and downs of life.

The word bisexual is another word that I hear a lot of. The magazine Psychology Today even had an article that read something like 80% of humans are bisexual, with very few of us going entirely one way or the other. I would venture to say that since this pisses people off hearing it, there must be some truth to it.

The great Philosopher, Kurt Cobain, once had a song back in the 90’s where he said “What else can I say, everyone is gay.”

Next up we have bi-vocational. As a writer, I realize very few writers can support themselves off of their writing alone. Most are either educators or businessmen. Most people in general have two or more jobs. This includes some people who make six figures a year. The latter may have one full-time job, one side business and be partner in one or more businesses which generate passive income in addition to the other two.

When I think about that last sentence, I almost get tired just thinking about all of those hours.

So we have bipolar, bisexual, and bi-vocational. What’s next? Bifocals?