Maybe it is too late

They say it is never too late to start again, or over. As optimistic as we try to make that sound, maybe it is too late. It is not that it is impossible because nothing is really impossible. It is just that as you get older, your values change. Life humbles you deeply as you age. You begin to realize that life is more than just achievements and consuming stuff.

When it comes to starting a family, it is not impossible to start one late in life. For health reasons, it may not be very wise. It may be hard to find a partner who is able to reproduce, and that is if you even are.

There are other options so all is not lost. Once you realize what is truly important in life, then you can redirect all of your interests toward serving that purpose.

For example, it might be too late to build a career as the older you get the more likely you are to be aged out since employers go for young talent. You can still use pursue your interests as a hobby. Again it is not impossible that that hobby could still turn into a career late in life. It’s just not guaranteed.

Nothing is promised in life. All we have is the present. Having goals keeps us alive but practicing mindfulness keeps us focused on the here and now. Just enjoy the journey and see where life takes you. We might even discover that life makes us rich in other ways that aren’t monetary.