Life on the Street

Do you think the rising cost of rent is effecting the Muppets on Sesame Street?

Everywhere I go these days, it seems the cost of rent is going up everywhere. This can induce a feeling of anxiety.  The average rent is about $1000 a month and in most cases, you have to make three times that before they even rent to you.

That means if you don’t make at least $3000 a month then you are homeless. If it keeps going at this rate you may end up making six figures a year and still be on the streets in a few more years.

All that being said, I can’t help but think about those poor Muppets on Sesame Street.  Although some of them have trash cans they can live in. Of course we all know that nothing is free and the rent on a trash can is pretty high considering Sesame Street is in New York.

Add to the fact that federal funding is being cut for Sesame Street, which just means that the Muppets will not be able to receive welfare benefits.  

This could be the making for a new movie called The Muppets at the homeless shelter. Can you see all those Muppets standing in the welfare line?

Whatever the end result ends up being, I am sure nothing will get in the way of Bert and Ernie’s undying love for each other as they are still celebrating their freedom to same-sex marry.  These two have been together nearly half a century and I am surprised that when you Google “longest same-sex couples” you don’t see any mention of the cute little Muppet couple as they are so popular.

Make ‘Murica great again part 2

Do you remember the Trump-Pence logo? (I almost said Trump-Putin). It showed a T being inserted into a P.

Make America great again?

Is Mike Pence The Donald’s Vice President or his first lady.

They would never bake these two a cake, even in Pence’s home state of Indiana.

Getting harder and harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

Trump was talking about the size of his hands in the debates in 2016. By 2020 they will probably whip it out and compare it on live TV.

I always saw Donald Trump as an entertainer. I think he was trying to be funny when he announced he was running for President and the right wing took him too seriously.

Getting harder to find the lesser of evils anymore.

But at least it’s getting more entertaining.

I still wish the entertainment capital of the world would go back to Hollywood.

Isn’t it amazing every time ti write on something political, it turns to satire.

Lord and savior Donald Trump?

I’ve heard so much Trump worship in recent years I begin to wonder if 2000 years from now society will organize a religion around Donald Trump and still be waiting for his second coming?

Sound familiar?

Political leaders used to build their own cult of personality. Now society worships these people on their own.

God told us through 1 Samuel that we don’t need a leader. Why do we always insist on having one?

The Kingdom of God is it’s own nation. But I guess that does sound a little dualistic when you realize there are two kingdoms that exist simultaneously, with one being invisible.

The political kingdom is a mirror of the spiritual kingdom. Basically an antichrist that tries to enslave us to materialism.

Newest in cashiers

Everyone is freaking out about self checkouts, afraid it will kill jobs. Some people actually like using them. I don’t think as many people complained about having to bag their own groceries before. Of course now I’m wondering if we will have to stock our own groceries in the future.

I spent most of my life in tbe grocery business. They are always shorthanded anyway. Even if they use less cashiers, there is still enough work around the store.

Plus as corporate America declines, there are more smaller businesses cropping up that are looking for cashiers that either can’t afford self checkout machines or value people enough. Without bigger businesses, smaller businesses stand more of a chance.

This picture was taken at a McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Texas. The manager said all four cost about $67,000 and will likely last a few years. The store itself still has one or two cashiers to serve the customers who don’t want to use the self checkouts. The store was not even shorthanded. They were mostly working in the back preparing the food. The location itself was actually hiring.

I think one of the new cashiers actually made a pass at me.

Daily E’ism on politics

The fastest growing occupation these days seems to be disability.

The leading cause of death is politics.

Politics is the only thing that is dirtier than porn.

I am in no way saying politics is light. By nature anything political is corrupt. Getting more involved in politics corrupts us. This is the mistake the church makes.

People that lose faith in God tend to become more dependent on systems of the world. Then they develop Stockholm syndrome; that is they hate it but don’t want to see it collapse.

All man made systems collapse. This is the so called end of the world. The world actually never ends.

The fact that mankind has a tendency towards evil proves there must be some kind of intelligent design that keeps the world together while we destroy it.

The Bible says an estimated 365 times not to live in fear.

Most people live in fear. They seek out security to the extent they are willing to give up certain individual liberties. Benjamin Franklin warned against this when he said if you exchange liberty for security you end up with neither.

The basic nature of the world is insecurity is. Those in the tree of knowledge are seeking security within themselves. Those in the tree of life trust in and live life from God.

Who are you trusting in?

If you trust in anything man made to bring you security, you are living in poverty.