No one likes truth

I love making memes. It will probably be a leading job in the future. But it probably won’t pay anything. The entertainment value can be enough of a reward.

This meme reminds me how funny it is that we are still debating flat earth in the 21st century. When you study history you begin to realize that we really haven’t progressed that much.

This meme also reminds me that people only seek truth until they hit something they don’t want to hear. Then they claim to still be seeking truth though anything they find will be distorted into a lie.

I got interested in journalism in college but chose business once I realized that journalism was nothing than organized gossip and a propaganda tool.

If my goal for this blog is to promote truth, I probably won’t make a lot of money. If any since money is a measure of value and we don’t really value truth like we say we do.

I guess it will have to serve a higher purpose and I will have to find a good day job. The benefit of a free blog is it will live on long after I’m gone.

Tesla, drugs, and pigeons

person sitting inside car
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All the talk lately about Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter for $44 million. First off, I need to stop calling Musk “Tesla”. He may be a smart man but he’s probably no Nikola Tesla. Although he is probably richer than Tesla ever was. Awhile back I was reading something about Elon appearing as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and the two smoked a joint together. Now the genius at Tesla, Inc. is fighting to defend himself that he is not a drug addict.

Come on, everyone is doing it, so they say. Over half of western civilization is addicted to drugs; they just don’t realize it because they have to get a prescription to pay for it. Even caffeine is a drug addiction. I have to wrap this up so I can go get my fix.

Speaking of Nikola Tesla, I read that in addition to dying broke because he spent all of his money on his inventions, he spent much of it staying at the Waldorf Astoria or something like that. His favorite past time was feeding the pigeons and he even claimed to fall in love with one.

I think I may rent a Tesla someday. The $75,000 car is only 20-30k used. I saw it in one of the rental car apps for only $100 per day. Take a road trip in style.