Ambien and Roseanne

This post goes out to the reboot of Roseanne. America’s favorite blue collar family kicked off season 10 21 years after season 9 ended. This seems to be a trend with TV shows recently. They used to just have reunions on movies.

Either way, Rosie didn’t last long after supposedly making a racial slur and then proceeding to blame it on the side effects of an Ambien she had taken.

More than likely Roseanne was fired for conservative views as the rest of the cast is left leaning. Because they are still under contract, the show will continue but will kill off Rosie and change the name.

So the first season of The Connors will just be season 11 of Roseanne. Kind of like back in the late 80s when Valerie Harper left her own show and Valerie became The Hogan Family.

I’m looking forward to it. It could keep Johnny Galecki out of the unemployment line since it is Big Bang Theory’s last season.

My life as a sitcom

Growing up, I always felt misunderstood. I grew up in a working class, pseudo redneck family, where I was the intellectual of the family.  My family thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t play much outside or get into mechanical things like they do. I was more into reading and intellectual pursuits. Have you ever heard of a person being the black sheep of his family just for being an intellectual?  There are times I actually wondered if I was secretly adopted or switched at birth.

Just to clarify, I am not calling my family stupid just because I am above average. They just have average intelligence, which just means they are still intelligent more so than they realize. I must confess that I never felt like I was better than them for being above average.  They still taught me values such as hard work and how to live simply and trust in God. Most importantly I learned that if you have love for each other, you are wealthier than any aristocratic or middle class family.

All families are dysfunctional

Each family is dysfunctional in its own way. Depression actually runs in my family. I also inherited my dad’s sense of humor, which served to balance out my mom’s side of the family who had none. My mom’s sister was the driest one and she once said she was holding the family together with her sense of humor. To date, that was the funniest thing anyone in my family has ever said. God rest her soul.

One of the ways I overcame my inherited depression was to learn to find the humor in everything, within reason. Yes, depression is genetic so it counts as an inheritance. My family did not have much, but at least they left me something. What is that old saying about when life gives you lemons?
As I grew older, I felt even more misunderstood. When I first started watching Three’s Company I fell in love with that show; especially the ones with the misunderstanding (every week). By the time I got into the show, it was already in reruns. I felt like it was the theme of my life

Each year of life is like a new season

As I got older, I realized there are billions of people on this earth and sometimes it is like we all speak our own language. Sometimes it is best to just not say much, or at least any more than you have to. The Bible even says in Proverbs that a wise man is quiet. Most of the time when I speak, it is something funny; even when I am trying to be serious.

I never got into politics. I admit I either cannot understand it or there is just too much going on to even try to keep up with. Also I am not very sure how much of the political world is even real or exaggerated for advertising. The one thing I know is every time I write a political post on my blog, it always ends up being satire.

Social Media is like having your own show

Then along came Facebook. Ever since I started posting regularly on Facebook, I feel as if I am the star of my own show. I am now going into season 10; same E Bishop time, same E Bishop channel (pretty much 24/7).  Facebook even has memories where you can view old posts made today several years ago. Every day that I go through that, I feel like my own show is airing in reruns-and for free

People still tell me that I should be a standup comedian. I come to realize they only said that because most of them do not like to read. Why would I want to risk getting cancer in some smoky club when I could just as easily become a humor writer? For more jokes, funny stories and one liners, I can be found pretty much anywhere on the Internet if you Google my name. I am literally an open book. No wonder I do not talk much. Strangely enough, once I do I usually can’t shut up. Twenty years since graduating from high school and at my last reunion I went from “Why don’t you talk much” to “Don’t you ever shut up”.  

To sum it up, The E Bishop Show just started season 42 (the meaning of life) and will probably run for a few more decades. It has an amazing cast though I am not really sure what the plot is.

The Killing Series by O’Reilly

What is with former Fox news anchorman Bill O’Reilly in recent years? I used to see a whole bunch of books by him where he was always talking about killing someone off:

  • Killing Jesus
  • Killing Lincoln
  • Killing Patton
  • Killing Kennedy

Bill is apparently on the warpath again. But maybe I need to actually read his books before I assume anything. I probably won’t, I just said I probably need to before I judge.

I can think of a number of people who probably wish to see Killing O’Reilly. But I am going to leave that one alone. I never have been a fan of O’Reilly. Although I don’t have much of a problem with Glenn Beck. The latter is most likely too conservative for me though.

How Sons of Anarchy TV show depicts what’s wrong with America

Chasing cash we don’t need and spending every dime to stay alive.”-Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy

I admit I love the show Sons of Anarchy. It started off slow but after the 3rd season I watched a whole season at a time. Katey Segal (Peg Bundy) seems to get hotter with age. She even has a new show called Rebel on ABC although rumor has it the second season was cancelled. She’s also married to Vince Sutter who created Sons of Anarchy. We know how she got the job as Jax Teller’s mom. 😂

Sorry I got off on a tangent about Katey. She is a bit distracting, if you know what I mean. This post is centered around a quote said by Ryan Hurst who played Opie. By the way his him and his family were my favorite characters. Next to Katey.

Does the quote sound familiar? Kind of resembles the American way of life of consumerism. Most people don’t know what they want so they chase after money to pay for stuff they don’t have time to use. Meanwhile some of the poorest people are more financially prosperous because they are more focused on what they want.

Another thing I noticed was the minimizing of the working man. The Sons were all auto mechanics who, more often than not, have to struggle to survive because they typically get paid less than white collar workers who are more educated.

In fact the actual middle class is white collar educated workers while blue collar workers are the poorest class (no matter how much they make). Especially when you have people like Mayor Hale (mayor of the fictional town of Charming, California) who is trying to gentrify the town with luxury homes and driving small businesses out of town. Sound familiar?

To supplement their income from auto mechanics, the founder of the Sons get into arms trafficking with the Irish. Jax Teller’s dad, John, tried to get out of the gun running business and was killed by Clay Morrow (Ron Purlman( who also married John’s wife Gemma, played by Sagal.

That’s it for that. Anymore and I will give it away. I recommend watching it. I am just finishing up the first season the second time around. It’s actually better than Breaking Bad.

Found a new way to get in touch with my inner child

They say getting in touch with your inner child is the secret to healing. We are born somewhat innocent. However each year after we pass the age of accountability, the world gets ahold of us and we start to harden.

The “professionals” tell us to let go of our past. That would include letting go of loved ones and even the music we grew up with . If you are overly sentimental, then there is nothing wrong with these, if it keeps you sane. As long as it doesn’t distract us from the present.

All of that being said, my new method of getting in touch with my inner child is by watching all of the shows that I used to watch in the 80’s and 90’s. I find many of these shows on Hulu, or Amazon Prime with some even on Netflix.

Many of the shows I used to watch growing up crime dramas. This is why one of my first dream jobs was to be a detective. Then when I got into radio more, I wanted to be a disc jockey. Late on I wanted to combine the two and become an investigative journalist. Seeing how journalism is nothing more than organized gossip to serve a political agenda, I have “evolved” further in ways I won’t get in to in this post.

I also remember the TGIF lineup that we used to watch during most of the 90’s. Remember the lineup:

  • Perfect Strangers. (1985-1993)
  • Family Matters (1988-1997)
  • Step by Step (1991-1997)
  • Boy Meets World (1993-2000)
  • Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (1992-1997)
  • Sabrina the teenage witch (1996-2003)

I literally recreated the lineup and watch it on Friday nights. Some of the crime dramas that used to come on Saturday night, I watch the same way.

Just some fun and creative ways to get in touch with your inner child. Smartphones don’t have to dumb us down if we can get creative with them.