The 80/20 Rule: How the world works

Proverbs 22:29. . .”Do you see truly competent workers; they will serve kings rather than ordinary people.” (NLT)

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? In the world of work, it basically says 80% of the work is performed by 20% of the people. From my experience in work, if you are in the top 20% you will know it. The same goes for the way society is structured. Everyone has no doubt heard of the 1%; these are the elitists who own everything, or the Aristocracy/ruling class. They own the corporations and control the money supply. The middle class are the top 20% who earn 80% of all the money and wealth created. This means only 20% of the money is to be fought over by 80% of society. Sounds kind of brutal, doesn’t it?

On a somewhat positive, yet dismal note, this just means that companies could lay-off up to 80% of the workforce and you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. Except for the 80% of people who are now unemployed. This can be turned into a positive too most of these people figure out a way to become self-employed. This explains what has been happening since the 1990’s when the United States economy peaked and Corporate America has been declining ever since.

Believe it or not, you can get an idea of how the world works just by reading the Bible. Keep in mind that just because something is biblical doesn’t mean it’s godly; for example, killing people in the name of God or dashing baby’s heads against rocks (every Atheists favorite argument against the God of the Bible).

Today’s devotional says that a man who is skilled in his work will serve the interests of kings and not ordinary people. Although it may be more godly to serve the ordinary (blue collar) people, you won’t make much more than poverty wages in doing so. A man who rises above this stature in life will likely serve the public interest, namely the government or corporations.

Don’t focus on who you’re actually serving, focus more on being yourself and creating something of value and you will attract people who truly value your work. Be the best you can be and you will probably be discovered by some corporation (today’s kings). If you reach a level of spiritual growth where you are truly content serving the common man, then you are already rich by biblical standards. All of your needs will be met in some form or another, even if you don’t get rich by the standards of the world.

Some bullshit financial advice

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I once drove down the highway and saw a billboard that advertised, “I can help you retire in less than ten minutes.” I bet he got a lot of calls from pretentious Americans with short term memory. Kind of funny when you think about it. No joke. All that being said, I do like reading the advice on financial websites and social media posts. That is until lately when I realized how exhausting it was. I won’t deny that the advice is practical and realistic, however it doesn’t seem to work in the real world.

Here are some examples of the bullshit advice:

  1. The biggest one is that you should only pay one quarter of your income on rent, or one week’s paycheck. In the real world, most people pay nearly half of their income or more on rent and utilities. The base requirements are 2.5-3 times the rent for income. You can say just live below your means, but many people can’t lower their standards any more than they are already.
  2. The next best advice that works for most people is to have an emergency fund equal to 3-6 months of expenses. Alas, more advice that doesn’t work for the average person. Again, with the ‘you can only lower your living standards so far to live within your means.’

Solutions for the bullshit advice:

  1. Find the cheapest place you can stand to live. And then economize and look for deals on everything else you want or need. Fortunately, the high cost of living is only in few areas: housing, healthcare, transportation, education; you know all the fields that the government has their hands in. If you can minimize costs in these areas, you can maximize your potential no matter your income. Maybe look for co-living or cohousing opportunities if you are into communal living. I am okay with this as long as I get my own space and individual autonomy.
  2. Save as much as you can but have a credit card with a low limit and keep it paid off for those “oh shit” moments. Most financial advisors say cut the plastic, but they do come in handy if you use them right. If you ever get a six figure or unlimited credit limit, you can invest in business opportunities to supplement your income. Even small loans are okay as long as they aren’t too predatory. Keep it small and dont take more than you need. 730% for a payday loan may sound huge but it’s only 2% per day, as long as you pay it off quickly. Always wise to just avoid them altogether.
  3. If you take out loans to go to college, major in something that is marketable, otherwise just look for scholarships or pay your own way and go part-time if you have to. I noticed when they quote the cost of college, it is usually $25,000-$100,000 per calendar year. However, when you look beneath the surface, tuition is only maybe 1/3 of the cost. Room and board and books can be paid by the borrower. It’s amazing most people would rather use student loans to pay their living expenses rather than just getting a job and paying these yourself. The only thing expensive about college is the tuition and this is all you need to borrow for, if you must borrow at all. There are all sorts of scholarship opportunities out there; you don’t have to be a genius.
  4. Take advantage of communal wealth. I don’t think anything will happen to Social Security, understanding how the economy works. The Democrats fear the Republicans will eliminate it, and I read about how they want to privatize it, which means putting part of it in the market, so you earn a little more. It was never meant to be a sole source of income anyway. You have to supplement it with a retirement income, paid off home mortgage, family, part-time work or business if you are able in your golden years. Some states even do away with property taxes once you pass 65.

In closing, it is not that the advice I hear from financial “gurus” isn’t practical. Most of these people understand finance from a booksmart point of view and not from the real-world point of view; at least from the working-class arena where most people are. They are usually academics who are out of touch with the average person yet make huge incomes from corporate sponsors. The advice does work well if you an elitist, i.e; usually white collar. No one cares about blue collar anyway, right? Now I am starting to sound like a Democrat. Don’t even get me started on politics. All the government does is subsidize people, welfare, and make them more dependent on government, while the capitalists use that as an excuse to hike prices and make things worse. Both sides just play off of each other to keep us trapped in the rat race.

The “poor” of the world are God’s people. Trust in the Divine and remember He is the One who ultimately prospers us. Even if we look poor by the world’s standards. Becoming wealthy isn’t a matter of “just work harder”. It all has to do with your social class and who you are networked to. If you are born working-class, blue collar, you are automatically poor by the world’s standards; with only a 1% chance of upward mobility. That sounds pretty bleak, but you have to hear the bad news first before you can hear the good news. And I gave the good news at the start of this paragraph.

Not as bad as it sounds

It’s amazing to hear advocates of capitalism and socialism use the tenants of Judeo-Christianity to justify their political stance. However the Bible says God’s ways are higher than man’s. By defending our political or economic system, we are merely just creating our own god to suit our vision of how life should be.

Because I believe in divine Providence I don’t believe in the mainstream narrative regarding poverty. God is the source of prosperity (which is more than money) and it doesn’t matter which puppet is in office.

Western society is more profit oriented while eastern societies are more spiritual. The latter tends to be more self-sufficient.

Third world countries may have a better economy spiritually

I have read articles and posts about people who came to the United States and ended up going back to their third world countries because all the materialistic distractions hindered their relationship with God and others.

Then there were the comments by some people in third world countries that said they wouldn’t trade their community focused society for anything. I even heard a religious podcast that said true religion (internal v. organized) could only flourish in a poorer country without all the distractions.

Third world economies are more traditional

There are banks and economies in third world countries. But much of the countries practice sustainability. They are pretty much where the United States was back in the 19th century. Back in the days when Americans used to pride themselves on not having a class system.

So what kind of economy would exist in heaven? Heaven would likely have no scarcity. Since scarcity creates value there would be no economy. This kind of perfect Utopia could never exist on Earth due to mankind’s depraved nature.

Rather than worry about economic collapse, just trust in divine Providence (however it manifests itself. Also don’t assume having an abundant Life means having more stuff. Lastly research traditional economy, sustainability and self-sufficiency. None of these are as bad as they sound.

When everything man-made turns to crap

I was watching a video on YouTube recently when I heard about how 70% of Americans were living in poverty. However the sad part is many of those who are impoverished are making up to six figures a year. It always sounds funny to hear someone making mid five figures and up complain about how poor they are despite how hard they work. Although they don’t usually work nearly as hard as those making close to minimum wage.

They say more money leads to more problems, and it’s amazing how the solution is always more money. Even the Bible says whoever loves money will never have enough. A Lyft driver who sold real estate told me once that no matter how much you make, you are always in the same boat. Rich people just have expensive tastes. Poor people find cheaper alternatives which are often just as good. It’s just the stigma and being more “resourceful”.

Another way to ensure impoverishing oneself is to live a life of luxury. How many luxury apartments have you seen going up in your neighborhood. Luxury living is the same as “lustful” living. I can’t knock it though since I am attracted to these myself. They aren’t really that luxury. The reviews are almost as bad as any ghetto apartment. People are never happy. All they have to do is see one cockroach or any other insect.

Give it a few decades and these luxury apartments will either be sold as condominiums or rented out as low income apartments; or turned into motels.

I confess that I almost rented out a small 400 square foot luxury apartment that I found for as low as $800. It was cheaper than the non luxury apartments around it. On a side note, renting is still a waste of money and you can buy a $200,000 condo for less than you can rent a luxury apartment for.

I think I may be onto something with that last statement. Either way, all the money we are spending to modernize everything through gentrification only to still be paying off the debt by the time the foundation starts to settle again. I almost call luxury apartments “shitholes of the future.”

How to get rich quickly and painlessly

This blog post is about how to get rich quickly and painlessly. Everybody wants to be rich. However most people, especially in western culture, only see a limited path to this goal.

A wise man once said there were two ways to get rich: one is to figure out how to make enough money to pay for the luxuries you want. The other method is to be content with what you already have.

The latter method only sounds defeatist to a materialist. To someone who isn’t fulfilled by materialistic goals it actually sounds like heaven on earth. It is also in line with Native American or Minimalist philosophy.

It’s not hard to get rich the first way either. If you really focus on something long enough you will eventually attract it ways to get it. This is known as the Law of Attraction.

To sum it up, you only get out of life what you truly want to have. If you feel unable to achieve a goal then maybe it is because you don’t really want it for yourself. Or maybe you are seeking what someone else wants for you, even though it may never make you happy.

The Bible doesn’t condemn or condone wealth. It is pretty much tied to an individual’s work ethic and life goals. True wealth radiates from the inside out as you come to know your Creator.

Someone else also was quoted as saying that the real secret to getting rich is to realize that you already are. It doesn’t matter how mainstream media tries to convince you how poor you are. That is all propaganda to serve an agenda.