Let the good stress in

Stress can be the number one killer as well as the root cause of most every sickness. Of course who am I to say these things since I don’t have a license to talk about anything medical or psychological. I am just a self-educated blogger. Self-education doesn’t count for much in a scientific world. Even if you read all the right stuff and know just as much as any medical professional.

Most people don’t know that there are two kinds of stress; there is distress and there is eustress. Distress is the one that most of us are more familiar with. This is the state of suffering, agony, and state of being in trouble. The distressed state is normally temporary but won’t feel like it when it is being experienced.

You have to be at a higher state of awareness to understand eustress. This is defined as psychological stress that is moderate or normal and can be beneficial. Just like there can be healthy fears. The healthy kind of fear and stress is that which motivates us to do better and achieve more; as long as we are balanced about it and don’t get too caught up in our life’s work. The latter can turn to distress really quick.

Practicing mindfulness can help us to alleviate the distress and allow more of the eustress in and help keep us focused in our life’s pursuits.

What are we so afraid of?

You ever notice how people always talk about how they are getting old? Some people start doing this as young as 20. The healthiest people and those who live the longest lives all tell us that age is just a number and we are only as old as we feel. So why do we tell ourselves how we are getting old and falling apart?

For one reason, most people don’t understand the power of their own self-talk. The more we tell ourselves how old we feel, the more it will appear that we are falling apart. If we affirm that we are in good health and strive to take care of ourselves, we will actually start to look and feel better.

Part of the fall of man is the descent into the negative mindset. This is very hard to overcome. A growing number of people are aware that they are slaves to negative thinking but they feel powerless to change it. In order for positive affirmations to actually work, you have to actually believe what you are trying to tell yourself.

Maybe at its core, we do not fear getting old. It’s the fear of our inevitable death that haunts us, with each day bringing us closer to our fate.

When we come to the knowledge of God and understand that life is eternal and we will live forever somewhere, that fear of death instantly gets replaced with more positive energy; if we really believe it anyway. Remember the Bible also says that perfect love casts out fear. Faith is the opposite of fear. Since most sicknesses are the result of stress, anxiety and hidden fears, walking by faith is the proverbial cure all that will heal us. Sadly, don’t expect most doctors to tell you that you have the power to heal yourself of pretty much every disease.

Wholeness & Wellness: Who’s on first?

Saw an article somewhere on the PBS website after I searched for ways to beat depression without meds a few days ago. Too bad I can’t find the link. It was basically saying that it was the illness that causes the body to become imbalanced and not the imbalance that causes the illness.

So we humans really are backwards! Who’s on first? Remember the old line from the classic Abbott & Costello? Yea right. Only if you’re young and into old flicks or really old. 🙂

The basic principle behind homeopathic remedies is that the body can basically heal itself of all sicknesses. This is called the Mind-Body connection. Or for you spiritual types such as me, it’s called the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Remember the movie A Beautiful Mind? It was about famed Economist John Nash who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. There was a video of him on YouTube talking about how his brain chemistry balanced itself out over time. The time was about three decades. I don’t know how spiritual he was but I’ve read articles and content by people who are spiritual who have overcome illness of the mind & body much faster.

But that’s another article entirely. We have plenty of time. Live it up. Life is short in the long one. In closing, remember it all comes out in the end.

Sick body or sick in spirit?

Prov. 18:14. . .”The strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble, but a weak and broken spirit who can raise up or bear?”

Ever known someone who was negative or pessimistic? That’s signs of a broken spirit. Even though your days are ordained by God, a person who is strong can will himself to live or overcome any adversity (even mental problems). Technically it’s actually God who’s giving Him strength whether he acknowledges it or not. And if you’ve received Christ as your Lord & Saviour you have no reason to have a weak and broken spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit. I know I’m guilty of this too sometimes but that’s no way to justify it. If this devotional speaks to you, get up off your mat and Go after God!!! Do whatever He’s calling you to step out in faith and do and quit using your thorn as an excuse. Remember God gives you that thorn so that His grace may be sufficient for you. Whatever the Lord is calling you to do-whether it’s to pursue that godly man/woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, or that business you want to start, or that mission trip you want to go on, or that church you want to plant

Emotional intelligence and the spiritual life

As I reflect on how I lost my ambition over the last ten years, I can’t help but wonder if is a sign of spiritual growth or mental illness.

It has been a whole decade since I made the decision to abandon all conventional medicine. I replaced it with a wellness kick. For a while my wife was into it as well. It was the closest we had been in a short five year relationship.

You might ask if I consulted my doctor before I made that decision. I consulted the Great Physician. I was seeing a Christian counselor. It took me awhile to find him.

If you knew how the healthcare system worked, you would understand what led to my decision. Doctors will never condone a mentally ill person weaning off their medication due to the safety risk and possible loss of license.

Also once you are diagnosed with a mental illness, you may likely never be diagnosed with any physical illness. Any symptoms could easily be attributed to being depressed or manic.

I pretty much lost most of the friends I had then. We pretty much became unequally yoked since they still believed in modern medicine. I just read a verse in one of the books of Chronicles about how King Asa died because he trusted in physicians rather than seeking God for healing.

To sum up the healing process, I learned to value myself more for one thing. I also practiced meditation and staying present. This isn’t a new age term of you are meditating on the things of God in the Bible.

Over time I became more aware of my emotions. I confess I do still have minor episodes. Maybe they are right in mental illness being a lifelong condition.

However through mindfulness meditation I am able to ride out the episodes within a very short period of time. I just have to avoid people so they won’t freak out and contact the authorities.

The fruit of the spirit is self control. In addition to managing the symptoms of mental illness I became more resilient to the pressures of life. This may make me look poor on paper, but it is called discovering one’s true wealth within.

Some scientists have proved the body can heal itself. These scientists can’t figure out why we even have to die in the first place.

Modern medicine was designed to treat symptoms. Most illnesses are rooted in stress, anxiety, and other emotional problems. Many of these underlying issues may never be treated in a profit based system.

The good news is they don’t have to be treated by the system. True freedom is found in a personal and intimate relationship with the Divine. Even Jesus asked the man at the well if he wanted to be healed.